¡hola! de Toledo !

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Guest, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Fr Jack Guest

    Which suggests to me that you are so wound up that you can't even
    pause to re read your posts and correct your errors.

    I have a mental picture of you sat there, red faced and frothing at
    the mouth, battering the keyboard and hitting send, while actually
    shouting at the poor old computer.


    Fr Jack
    96 Tiger.
    Fr Jack, Sep 16, 2004
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  2. Guest

    Pip Guest

    Fr Jack <> struggled to ejaculate:

    [of Des, uk.r.m.'s Man With No Mates]
    I think that may be fairly accurate.
    Pip, Sep 16, 2004
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  3. Guest

    Spete Guest

    Still got 3 left, something tells me you want one....


    Occasionally, I'll be consistent
    Spete, Sep 16, 2004
  4. Guest

    porl Guest

    I reckon he's working on a Ten Little Indians type revenge plot. All his
    mortal ukrm enemies will get an invite by a mysterious stranger who goes by
    the name of Dnomsed McNosentes to a remote island near Guernsey. Whereupon,
    after chicory aperitifs, they'll be subjected to a 5 hour mp3 of their
    crimes with no way of turning the sound off. After falling asleep through
    boredom they'll be woken up by a scream to find one of their number slain
    with a rattle embedded in their head. One of the party will notice that one
    of the 345 clay figurines has their head broken off...

    Eventually there'll be two left. Let's say Bear and Tallbloke. TB kills
    Bear, thinking he's the killer- OR THINKS HE DOES- and Des appears with a
    rope in one hand and a receipt from the hotel in Spain. He makes TB swallow
    the receipt while he laughs demonically. He doesn't notice Bear staggering
    to his feet behind him...

    [Music switches from dark foreboding music to cheesy porn music]

    The island hotel.

    Int: Des is bent over the sofa with a tennis ball in his mouth while BB and
    TB take it in turns...Sorry. No this has gone horribly wrong.

    Let's stick with FJ's description.
    porl, Sep 16, 2004
  5. Guest

    platypus Guest

    Convincing. It's the image he presents, if not the debonair,
    devil-may-care, amusedly intellectual aura he would like us to believe he
    platypus, Sep 16, 2004
  6. Guest

    Cab Guest

    porl bored us all completely to death with wittery prose along the
    lines of:
    You bastard. Now I've got to translate that into French, for the
    benefit of one of my colleagues after giggling inanely.

    But I can't, cos my French is crap, apparently.
    Cab, Sep 16, 2004
  7. It was somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the
    You ****, you've been peering through my windows again, haven't you?



    GS 850 x2 / SE 6a
    FUB KotL OSOS#12? UKRMMA#19 COSOC#10
    Grimly Curmudgeon, Sep 16, 2004
  8. It was somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the
    <snort!> Nice one.



    GS 850 x2 / SE 6a
    FUB KotL OSOS#12? UKRMMA#19 COSOC#10
    Grimly Curmudgeon, Sep 16, 2004
  9. Guest

    tallbloke Guest


    http://world.altavista.com is your friend

    Je compte he's travaillant sur type parcelle de terrain de Dix un petit
    Indiens de vengeance. Tous ses ennemis mortels d'ukrm obtiendront une
    invitation par un étranger mystérieux qui va par le nom de Dnomsed
    McNosentes à une île à distance près de Guernesey. Sur quoi, après des
    apéritifs de chicorée, they'll soit soumis à des 5 heures mp3 de leurs
    crimes sans la manière d'arrêter le bruit. Après ennui traversant
    endormi en chute they'll soit réveillé par un cri perçant pour trouver
    un de leur nombre massacré avec un hochet inclus dans leur tête. Un de
    la partie notera qu'une des 345 figurines d'argile a leur tête
    interrompue... Par la suite there'll soit deux à gauche. Ours et
    Tallbloke de parole de Let's. Les mises à mort de TB soutiennent,
    pensant he's le tueur OU PENSENT qu'il FAIT et le DES apparaît avec une
    corde dans une main et un reçu de l'hôtel en Espagne. Il fait à
    hirondelle de TB le reçu tandis qu'il rit diaboliquement. Il ours de
    notification de doesn't chancelant à ses pieds derrière lui... [ la
    musique commute de la musique sinistre foncée à la musique de fromage de
    porn ] L'hôtel d'île. Le DES est plié au-dessus du sofa avec une boule
    de tennis dans sa bouche tandis que BB et TB la prennent aux tours...
    désolés. Aucun ceci a terriblement mal tourné. Bâton de Let's avec la
    description de FJ's.
    tallbloke, Sep 17, 2004
  10. Guest

    Christofire Guest

    I didn't know there was a porl-onary.
    Christofire, Sep 18, 2004
  11. Guest

    Pip Guest


    8< 8< 8<
    Pip, Sep 18, 2004
  12. Guest

    Christofire Guest

    I was quoting relevant text to my reply, showing the reason for giving
    the definition of "You are".

    By your oversnipping I wasn't actually sure what you were referring to,
    and had to go and look at the thread again, which took more time to do
    than it would to press the space bar once or twice to read my reply.

    So ner.
    Christofire, Sep 18, 2004
  13. Guest

    flashgorman Guest

    Good point, well made.
    flashgorman, Sep 18, 2004
  14. Guest

    Pip Guest

    Sticking one line on the end of a ~50-line post that then required a
    page down to read it?
    I don't think so - Porl's response was intact and gave more than
    enough context for you to recall what you had responded to only a
    short time previously. Or was that sufficient time for you to
    complete a lap of the goldfish bowl already?
    I'll see your ner and raise you a thrrrp.
    Pip, Sep 18, 2004
  15. Guest

    Christofire Guest

    Not everyone is me and had taken part in the thread already, as such I
    thought they might get more out of it if they knew WTF I was on about.
    Well, in that case I'll call with a "You Smell."
    Christofire, Sep 18, 2004
  16. Guest

    Pip Guest

    It was only you, ffs. Who would be interested - apart from me,
    Five priles of Aces, sonny.
    Pip, Sep 18, 2004
  17. Oh I've already been through that stage - well, at least, something
    that's fairly close.
    but these later stages I have yet to experience.
    Paul Corfield, Sep 20, 2004
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