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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by CampinGazz, May 22, 2004.

  1. CampinGazz

    CampinGazz Guest

    Change of plan then, seems a decent 125 trials style road bike is too
    expensive for us, was looking on ebay, found some right dogs, and the
    problem of the 10 year old scrotes always wanting to knick the trials style
    bikes to run on the footie field may prove too much for us,

    So we saw a few 125cc cruisers.. please don't laugh, we need a light bike,
    tho i am thinking with a cruiser type bike i'd tow it on the front wheel on
    the tow bar of the van, pulling it on it's back wheel, not sure how legal
    this is abroad, but it's easier than making a all wheels off carrier to fit
    that size of bike.. easier on the back of me motorhome too, as i'm into
    train weight then when towing, so would keep my payload.

    Anyroad, firstly we saw the honda rebel, very nice, but still a bit pricey
    it seems, and that's only on ebay,

    But just saw the hyosung cruise, seems these can be had very cheap, i really
    don't care for brand names, infact i'm thinking a cheap chijaptiawanese bike
    would pose less of a target to the theiving scrotes??

    But are they any good? i want something to ride around for a few weeks on L
    plates, then pass me test and de-restrict it, and start riding with a pair
    of tits in me back.

    Can these things be de-restricted? i know if it were a honda, or yamaha
    there's be hundereds of forums etc showing exactly how to de-restrict them,
    and how to add poncey bits to make you think your going faster etc.

    Are they really crap? we mainly want something that'll be fairly reliable, i
    am a mechanic but still would rather have something that dosent break down
    in the first place, i really don't care about re-sale value, just something
    that's decent to ride, gets good fuel economy, and can be taken around with
    us behind the motorhome.. anyone use those bike tow thingies that tow on the
    rear wheel?
    CampinGazz, May 22, 2004
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  2. Less of a target than a trail bike. Most scrotes wont know it's only
    worth a tenner though, and will still nick it if it's not nailed down.
    Most of them aren't restricted - they are designed to produce low
    power. You could spend a fortune and maybe liberate another 2mph.
    Simon Atkinson, May 22, 2004
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  3. CampinGazz

    Andy Carvell Guest

    That particular Hyosung is a 4-stroke, so no, it will already be at full
    power. If it were a 2-stroke you'd be able to take sleeves out of the
    exhaust and washers out of the air intakes, but a 4-stroke doesn't produce
    nearly the same amount of power, so they're not restricted in the first

    I had a Hyosung RX125 which has the same engine, terminal velocity is about
    65mph on a good day and it produces around 12bhp.
    Andy Carvell, May 22, 2004
  4. CampinGazz

    Dynamic Guest


    Where abouts in the country are you. I have a mate who want's to sell her
    GN125 soon to upgrade to a bigger bike.

    Dynamic, May 22, 2004
  5. CampinGazz

    CampinGazz Guest

    Well, were east of nottingham, but were really after a laid back type
    cruiser bike, mini fake harly type bike,

    Just nipped to windy corner bikes, and saw the hyosung aquila, bloody
    beautiful we thought (bad taste to some i guess, but we liked it)
    he only had new ones, and no cruise 2's ever, and he rekons no second hand
    ones are available, and we just don't have the 3 grand for the aquila,

    been looking on ebay and they do have a few cruise 2's, ranging from 80 quid
    for one with a missing engine, to about a grand, we can afford about the
    middle of that, which seems to get us a 01/02 reg with about 10+k on the
    clock, abviousely not perfect condition, but were not after a perfect bike,
    and can't afford one.

    Just need to find more out about these hyosung bikes now, heard the cruise
    has the honda CG engine in it, that sounds bad??
    know they will do about 50 to 60 mph 2 up, there must be a way to make em go
    faster than that? bigger carb, take the baffles out of the exhaust, or is it
    really a case of boring it out and plonking in a bigger piston if we want
    CampinGazz, May 22, 2004
  6. CampinGazz

    deadmail Guest

    It's a reliable engine, why does it sound bad?
    Why would you want to go faster two-up on a bike that's just for
    pottering about short-distance stuff?

    And re making it faster, by the time you've made all the mods it would
    probably be cheaper to buy something larger to begin with.
    deadmail, May 22, 2004
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