1974 honda 550 fours

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Ceric, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Ceric

    Ceric Guest

    I originally bought this bike from a lady who said she has not used
    this bike in a few years. I took the bike home and ordered an old
    mechanics book for the bike. I then proceeded to dismantle the entire
    carbs right down to the gaskets. My intentions were to replace all the
    parts but when I opened everthing up there was so much rust in this
    thing it was pathetic. The gas tank holy junk yard dreams batman, I
    had to get a tetanus shot just from looking at it. I cleaned out the
    carbs and derusted the tank, then I sealed the tank with a kit I
    bought from napa autostore. I also cleaned out the bowl beneath the
    gas tank (PSI) and the little screen in there. The Bike ran
    beautifully for about a month when I thought it needed an oil job.
    After taking it to Northern Cycles in Michigan the guy pointed out
    that I needed new tires and the works on this bike. After sinking 350
    bucks to get this bike up to par I decided I would take on the task of
    changing my oil and filters. Well low and behold STUPID me... I put
    15w30 into the oil... DOH... Yah Yah Yah I know.. Anyways I redid it
    after my engine froze up on me a few days after that. That was when I
    decided to look at the containers of oil again... Noticing that 3 of
    them were 15w30.. my bad for not looking at them... Anyways.. I
    drained the oil, put new plugs, new filter and new battery in. The
    bike started up but the problem is the drain lines are syphing gas
    like a drunk gerbil with a bladder problem.. And the blueish white
    smoke wont stop, and my muffler looks like a smoking gun when I shut
    the engine off. Plus my carbs are always in need o being unscrewed to
    allow the fuel to be drained so it wouldnt cut out.. Can someone help
    me with this monumental screw up?
    Ceric, Jul 23, 2003
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  2. Ceric

    Ceric Guest

    I already replaced all the carbs interior ONCE again. The leak is
    minimal now, but still have the problem of blue/white smoke. PLus now
    there is a knocking sound. I am beginning to think i need to Yank the
    cams and clean the valves and pistons and what not. What do you think?
    Ceric, Jul 24, 2003
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  3. Ceric

    Eric Goforth Guest


    I had the same problem with my '89 Honda VTR 250. I didn't noticed the
    drain plug at first and figured that all the oil would come out with the
    filter, which is on the bottom of the sump. I can't remember what made me
    realize that I hadn't gotten all the oil out, but I started looking on the
    bottom of the engine and found the drain plug, and significantly more oil
    came out when I removed it.

    Eric Goforth, Jul 25, 2003
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