1986 honda nv750 custom shadow

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Nigel M, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Nigel M

    Nigel M Guest

    I guess since I've tried everywhere else there'd be no harm asking here.
    Australia only recently allowed the 1986 nv750 to be registered in
    Australia. The US had a similar law when it came out in the 80's and allowed
    only the cruiser 700's in the country. The 1983 vt750's are close to
    identicle yet I cannot find an english owners manual anywhere. I even
    ordered one in japanese but havent had a reply. I was hoping someone here
    may know where to purchase one or maybe some details on this bike as I have
    nothing other than the following paste which may be of interest to someone.
    The Clymer manual for 1983 Honda VT 750C Shadow will work as this is the
    same bike that went on to be the NV Custom. All of the parts and systems are
    the same. Wiring diagram is OK. Just make sure that you refer to the 1983 VT
    details no matter what year your NV is.

    NV 750 was not exported to the USA after 1983 because of taxes on the 750cc
    displacement so Honda started exporting 700cc Shadows of a slightly
    different design.

    Shadow(750) NV750C?C2 97.3? RC44-1000001? RC44E 98069-57926

    98069-57916 X22ERP-U9

    DPR7EA-9 H9869-5798B VX22BZ 4

    Make Honda
    Model VT750C Shadow
    Years 1983
    FrontTire 110/90x19
    RearTire 140/90x15
    ChainType Shaft
    FrontSprocket none
    RearSprocket none
    Battery HYB16A-A
    SparkplugND X24EPR-U9
    SparkplugNGK DPR8EA-9
    Nigel M, Sep 20, 2003
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