2000 Vulcan 1500

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Garyswan, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Garyswan

    Garyswan Guest

    I've got a leak which seems to be rear end grease migrating forward on
    the drive shaft and dripping out the front rubber boot. I assume that
    this means that I have to replace a seal of some sort but I'm looking
    for any advice that can be offered regarding doing this repair. I don't
    own the shop manual and would like to avoid the $200+ cost of that if
    at all possible. Any help will be appreciated.
    Garyswan, Aug 3, 2006
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  2. Garyswan

    John Johnson Guest

    Kawasaki wants $200 for their service manual?!

    The Clymers manual is listed for around $20, and if you're a reasonably
    good mechanic already, then that will probably do the job.


    'indiana' is a 'nolnn' and 'hoosier' is a 'solkk'. Indiana doesn't solkk.
    John Johnson, Aug 3, 2006
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  3. Garyswan

    Big T Guest

    There is a Kawasaki Vulcan Delphi forum, which has on the start page a link
    to "Gadget's fix it page" there is a butt load of good info here, including
    a section on pulling the rear wheel and drive shaft maintenance. Also if
    you do some reseach or post a request on the forum, you can find a manual
    for 50-70 bucks. That's what I did. You'll have to register to get on the
    delphi forums, but it's free, so go for it!


    T "BamBam" Sherrill
    SCRC 213
    '02 Nomad
    Big T, Mar 4, 2007
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