2004 Shell Advance Australian Superbike Championship Calendar

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Fwoar, Nov 20, 2003.

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    2004 Shell Advance Australian Superbike Championship calendar

    The calendar for the 2004 Shell Advance Australian Superbike Championship
    has been finalised, and is as follows:

    Rd1 March 12-14 Eastern Creek, NSW

    Rd2 April 16-18 Wakefield Park, NSW

    Rd3 May 14-16 Winton, Vic

    Rd4 June 25-27 Barbagello, WA

    Rd5 July 2-4 Mallala, SA

    Rd6 August 13-15 Queensland Raceway, Qld

    Rd7 September 10-12 Phillip Island, Vic

    The general manager of the newly created Australian Superbike Company
    (AUSCO) - the result of a collaboration between Motorcycling Australia and
    Formula Xtreme Promotions - Terry O'Neill, said: "This is a very exciting
    calendar for AUSCO's first year of running and promoting the revitalised
    Australian Superbike Championship. The calendar, along with the newly
    combined list of the best classes from the two previous series, provides an
    excellent base for the future as we aim to build the ASC to a level were it
    challenges as Australia's premier motorsport series."

    The major highlights of the seven-round calendar include a return to the
    Barbagello circuit in Western Australia for the first time since 2001, and
    an inaugural visit to Wakefield Park, near Goulburn in New South Wales. In
    line with Western Australia's re-elevation to national-title status, AUSCO
    is negotiating prices for bulk haulage rates from the major east coast
    cities to WA - and returning via SA one week later -- with the intention of
    reducing transport costs for riders who make the long sojourn.

    The 2004 Australian Superbike Championship will incorporate the following
    national-level classes: Superbike; Supersport; 125 GP; Sidecar F1 & F2;
    NakedBike; FX Pro-Twins; Streetfighter (NakedBike Lites); and Xtreme Ultra
    Lites (400cc four-stroke and 250cc Production based two-stroke).

    At present, Superbike and Supersport are the only two classes assured of
    plying their trade at all seven rounds of the championship, while a press
    release will be issued in the near future confirming the level of
    participation for the remaining classes. That also holds for the proposed
    Supermotard-based 450cc Super Singles and 1000cc C and D-grade Superstock
    support classes.
    Fwoar, Nov 20, 2003
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