83 Honda Shadow removed primary gear-but didn't mark original alignment..big problem??

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by stevetokita, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. stevetokita

    stevetokita Guest

    Hello Everybody! I'm a novice motorcycle repairer, but have learned a
    lot lately about my bike as I sometimes kick it with frustration and
    also with the help of the manuals. :)

    I have a 1983 Honda Shadow VT750.

    I was repairing my rear cylinder. I opened up the right crank case and
    found out the chain behind the PRIMARY GEAR was broken. I removed the
    Pulse Generator Plate and the Primary Gear, but I didn't mark it's
    precise location in relation to the clutch gear.

    The concern comes that I was also installing the piston head and I
    moved the primary gear clockwise with a lock wrench. It moved the
    piston up enough so I could clean it out. Before I knew it, I had moved
    the primary gear enough times that I don't know where it's original
    position was.

    I installed the new chain, but when I went to put the Primary gear back
    on, I realized that I don't know where precisely it's suppose to line
    up again. It seems that the manual makes mention of lining up the RT/FT
    with the lines on the clutch. If it has moved, and the piston isn't in
    the original position, then I'm concerned that it might not work right
    once I put it back together.

    I'm concerned that if I just put the primary gear on, then it won't be
    the exact location as before. Any thoughts? Is this a big problem, or
    can I just install the primary gear again and not worry that it doesn't
    line up again from where it was orginally? If it is a problem, is there
    a way to realign it again?

    I desperately need your help. This has been an exciting project, but
    I'm in over my head now. I'm a rookie at this stuff, but the manuals
    have helped me to use the right words. Any help will be greatly
    appreciated. Thank you in advance fellow motorocycle enthusiasts!
    stevetokita, Mar 21, 2006
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  2. if primary gear on crankshaft and only drives the clutch hub, it wont
    effect any other gearbox components, or timing unless the primary
    drives cam too? I assume when clutch fitted you cant see primary drive
    gear, as a gear i assume its not driving a chain? have you photo? i
    built an IT 175 from bolts, FULL ENGINE REBUILD AND BOX TOO, if you can
    give me a pic? i can tell you wether to hit the starter or the shop,
    jimrichards1964, Mar 22, 2006
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  3. stevetokita

    stevetokita Guest

    Yes, I understand that I should probably line up the marks. My problem
    is that when I pulled off the Primary gear, the gear moved, and now I
    don't know where to line it back up once I put the Primary gear back
    on. Or maybe it doesn't even matter. I don't know enough about
    engines to know if the exact position of this gear is important.

    I worried that because the gear moved, it made the piston move down.
    What I don't know is if the pistons are synchronized. Or can I simply
    put the Primary Gear back on without worrying that the Piston moved.
    Sorry, I know this is long, but it's something I don't understand too
    much, or maybe it doesnt' matter. Thank you!
    stevetokita, Mar 22, 2006
  4. stevetokita

    stevetokita Guest

    Ummm...a bit embarassed. I looked a little more carefully, and noticed
    there is a groove to line up on the primary gear. Thank you!
    stevetokita, Mar 22, 2006
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