83 Suzuki lt125 four wheeler ignition problem

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Benny T., Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Benny T.

    Benny T. Guest

    Sorry about posting this on a motorcylc group page, but their is no
    four wheeler page. Anyway, I got this 83 suzuki lt125 four wheeler
    from my uncle this past summer. He said it ran good and then one day
    it died on the trail and hasn't run since. I tore the engine down to
    find a broken piston skirt and a very wore out cylinder. I got all new
    parts for it and had the jug bored out. Now I got it all back together
    and I can't get it to fire. It's got excellent compression and I used
    a service manual to set the timing so I know that's right. The funny
    thing is when I pull the plug out it fires a weak but pretty
    noticeable spark. When I put the plug back in though the engine
    doesn't even think about firing. I'm guessing it just won't make spark
    under pressure. To solve this so far I've replaced the spark plug (of
    course) and the coil with brand new ones, but it's still doesn't run.
    The four wheeler has a CDI box and an ignition stator. Could one of
    those be the culprit? HELP ME!!!!
    Benny T., Sep 15, 2004
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