98 GSXR Ignition Problem

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Big23Head, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Big23Head

    Big23Head Guest

    I have a 1998 GSXR and it refuses to fire. There is NO spark at the
    plugs. Brand new plugs. I checked the voltage, battery is 11.6V, the
    voltage from the signal generator is NOT .4V as the manual says. It is
    like .03V at one connector and .16V at the coupler to the CDI. The
    resistance on the signal generator wires however is in the correct
    range at 170 Ohms. Before I bought a new signal generator I figured
    I’d check for other suggestions or to see if this has happened to
    anyone else. Thanks.
    Big23Head, Jul 19, 2005
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  2. Your battery sounds like it may be too low to make the ignitor box
    work. I recommend trying a fully charged battery in good condition.
    With the spark plugs pulled out and the leads re-attached and the plugs
    grounded to the cylinder head, I would expect to see ONE spark and ONE
    only on at least two of the splug when you turn the ignition switch on
    and off.

    So far as the signal generator output voltage is concerned, it will
    vary with the cranking speed of the engine. If your battery is as weak
    as you say and the engine is cranking slowly, you might not get the
    nominal voltage specified in the repair manual. Also, if your digital
    voltmeter has a slow response time, the digital circuitry might be too
    slow to accurately measure the pulses.

    There is a test of an ignitor box that involves momentarily hooking up
    a flashlight battery to the pins where the pulser feeds its signal into
    ignitor box. With the key on, if you touch the wire with the correct
    polarity to the correct pin, you'll get a spark everytime you do it.
    Problem is, if you hook the battery up backwards, you can blow out the
    transistors in the ignitor box.

    If a fully charged battery in good conditions and clean connections on
    all the wiring doesn't solve the problem, I would recommend taking this
    problem to a shop that has the special Suzuki ignitor tester...
    krusty kritter, Jul 19, 2005
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