A Bay Area Motorcycle enthusiast's response to all you OT obsessive net nerds from (gasp!),,,

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by J. Michael Scott, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. a biker/motorcycle enthusiast. I'm a fucking baptized (not confirmed,
    just in case some of :barb & her pack of drooling AARSC-hole$ are that
    intense in keeping score) Roman Catholic, OK?

    I do not agree w/ most of EL-ronn Hubbub's teachings; nor does that
    former Hitler Youth fuckwit in Rome speak for my personal spiritual
    beliefs. Why, Ieven have a copy of the infamous South Park bit, and I
    think it's funnier than you, even.

    My defense of Doc is that of one who has been riding motorcycles
    (street AND dirt) since 1966 here in the San Francisco (not Dago) Bay
    Area, as in "ba". I think I met him once, and no Mr. What-the-
    &&^^...I've NOT been on a clinic, but I DARE YOU, chickenshit, to join
    me at a future one. TAlk shit? BAck it up, little man. I learned that
    at St. Cyprian's, around 1968, on the playground. The rest I've
    learned in life.

    I have brothers & sisters (ohh, hippie /Indian/pagan "cultspeak", I
    can hear you collectively sneer) in all kinds of clubs, from the CMA,
    to the AMA to the HAMC...all except Cop Clubs, Hog-weenies, and the
    kind of fucking snobs who plunk down lotsa $$$ on some rolling penis-
    extension/rolling dildo "toy" of any make, who sneer at us greasy old
    UJM riders, or this group, or that group, OK???

    Just for YOU, my "biker" reusme (edited):

    For the record, I was the first gate guard at the 1975 United States
    Motorcycle Jamboree (now called the Tulare Run) when I was 14. I went
    to my first AMA run (Redwood City Travelers) at fucking
    Skylonda...yes, before they kicked us out of the 35/84 parking lot,
    and before some of youse locals starting posing at Alice's, or before
    you trolls were whelped and/or de-programmed., or rolled over for the
    feds, or whatever you did. ;)

    I attended SRRA runs (both of my parents were charter members) from
    1973 through '76, and again when I was a member ('78-81 & '88-90).
    This was when the Sierra Road Riders Assoc were the middle ground. We
    were NOT welcomed to certain clubs' (what many TV/media-brainwashed
    LOPS derisively call "gangs" or so-called 'outlaw biker") runs. On
    that note, I attended my first MMA run in Hornitos in 1973, and you
    self-righteous rat-packing fucks would've been too scared to be there
    as it was about 90% HAMC. I had a blast...I was 12.

    OK, so flash forward to the present. I finally got a ride up, check
    out this NG, only to see a few trolls (yes, I looked at your profile
    &.messages) knock a good guy whom they probably would be GOD{dess}-
    DAMNED happy to have a medico such as the Good Doc scrape their
    miserable asses off of Skyline, 405, or wherever you dipshits
    allegedly ride, when you're not vilifying others, or just wating tome
    (like I am now) with posts.

    You can look up my shit online...it's not all good, and just for you

    check out the hilarious manifesto ("There are seats of Demonic Power")
    that some child-porn collecting [email protected]@K, the notorious Michael John
    McCarty, aka Ras aka Ras Mikael Enoch slapped together. He accuses me
    & others of being (gasp) satanic homos (sorry, no...but I can
    introduce you to some boys & grrrls I know?), as well as other
    slanderous shit. Mikey's a sick piece of shit, but for all I know, you
    could be "buddies" w/. Good; it's your problem. ;) BTW, he's a
    snitch, too. ;) and a racist, and probably reading this right now??

    For the record, a good friend of mine is a Scientoligist, and if that
    makes me "guilty by association" as one of my Frisco shirts says, then
    **** Off.

    Your problem, kids.awww. Too bad.

    This guy helped me get out of the gutter, NEVER tried to give some
    400+ question test, nor otheriwse jam his beliefs dowm my head.

    I could knock those of you who might be Jews, Christers, Islamic,
    pagan, satanists, humanists, buddhists, atheists, agnostics,
    Breatharians, Michael-channlers, Est-HOle$, or whatever personal
    spiritual beliefs you may or may not have, but why??

    That has DIDDLY shit to do with ba.motorcycles, so if you wanna
    continue to issue your junior high-style bon mots from the safety of
    your lil laptop womb, go over to alt.usenet.kooks.

    If you wanna confront me in person, why just take a ride over to East
    Oakland any old time. Better still, look for me at local SF area MC
    events, and we'll discuss it offline, politely, or not. Certain folks
    know just where I am in Frisco, say the 1st Wed of the month, or any
    given Thursday night. ;)

    here's a lovely pic, courtesy of Jeff Spirer, who is a great
    photographer& AFAIK, NOT one of yer "culties"


    so you (sort of ) know what I look like, which I'm sure is better than
    you lying in a gulley somewhere. hoping a brother/sister biker would
    stop to help you,

    AS I WOULD FOR ANY OF YOU, yes, even you barb.


    PS R.I.P. Melinda Moore aka Big red, who despite her beliefs would've
    been glad to have Dr. Wong find her in that Sonoma County spot she ran
    off the road in.

    see ya down the road, or not

    "Love My Country - Fear The Govt."
    J. Michael Scott, Oct 16, 2007
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  2. Fucking baptized? Is that where the Priest fucks you in the ass while
    you're head's getting wet?

    [snip how long I've been riding whine]
    [snip more how long I've been riding whine]

    How long doesn't equal how well, tard.
    Joeseph P. Blow, Oct 16, 2007
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