A long long ride

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by RamRod Sword of Baal, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. A bit of an introduction

    A long time ago now, 1964, on a motor cycle many of you will not have heard
    of, a 1951 AJS 350 cc, 1951 model with jam pot rear springing, I did some

    I was born in Adelaide and did quite a bit of riding my motor cycle around
    the Murray area (Renmark etc) plus a trip to Melbourne I also rode it to
    Woomera as well as in and around Adelaide.

    I then took my AJS over in NZ with me. I lived in Wellington for a year and
    toured both the North and South Islands on it. I can tell you that the
    desert road between Wellington and Auckland can get very cold.

    Spent some time in Rotorua visiting the volcanic wonderland in the North
    Island, and enjoyed the scenery in the South Island

    I left there and took the bike to England with me, and spent 18 months in
    England. Did a few trips in the South of England on it, and one up to the
    midlands in the middle of winter and found the dangers of black ice on the

    I rode it over the Simplon pass in Switzerland to Rome and back, getting my
    fingers a bit frostbitten in the process, never the less a great trip.

    Finally I rode it to Calcutta in India, via France, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia
    Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India, before returning home.

    I had to leave my trusty steed in India and I could not get a boat home and
    had to fly.

    It was a eye opening trip for me, and I am very glad I did it.

    I have ridden a bit in the USA as a friend had a couple of motor cycles and
    was kind enough to lend me one. He lives in San Diego and we rod up to LA
    and also did a trip to Palm Springs. I rode both his BMW (75.6) and his 1000
    cc Kawasaki.

    I now have a Kawasaki 1200 cc Ninja, and ride around Cairns and adjacent

    I have not done any real long trips on that, the longest was down to
    Townsville (About 340 Km away) for the Ulysses Annual General meeting
    earlier this year.

    I am very impressed with the pick up speed of the Kawasaki, and quite happy
    with it.

    RamRod Sword of Baal, Dec 1, 2008
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  2. How pleasant it is to read such a nice story about bike riding
    No bitching, no moaning, no backbiting.
    Bad luck about having to leave the bike
    I picked one of those up in the local tip a few years ago
    thought it might be helpful for parts.
    George W Frost, Dec 1, 2008
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  3. RamRod Sword of Baal

    mrhankey Guest

    Agreed, but there might be a bit of trees-leaves involved here - I
    find the signal/noise ratio in this group to be quite acceptable. It's
    often entertaining, and there is a lot of good shared experience
    hidden among the dross.
    mrhankey, Dec 1, 2008
  4. RamRod Sword of Baal

    Diogenes Guest

    Diogenes, Dec 1, 2008

  5. Sorry I could not remember and rang the friend in the USA and he said that
    was the bike. I know that the Kawasaki 1000 was a much bigger bike and I
    prefered to ride it as that model BMW had very clunky gears.

    I prefer shaft drives, to chain drives having had lots of problems on my AJS
    with chains and I was considering a BMW when I bought my Kawaski Ninja, but
    there were none around, so I setteled for a chain drive again, but so far no
    problems, I guess chains have got better over the years. I do not like the
    idea of belt drives, no reason, just do not like the idea.

    I drink Gold or Guinness........Also very partial to a Coopers Stout, served
    icy cold.
    RamRod Sword of Baal, Dec 1, 2008

  6. I really had no option, low of funds and no boat available, so I had to
    leave it there, a pity, but what could I do?
    RamRod Sword of Baal, Dec 1, 2008
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