A Wonderful Techical Solution

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Intact Kneeslider, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Intact Kneeslider, Nov 10, 2003
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  2. Intact Kneeslider

    CrazyCam Guest

    CrazyCam, Nov 11, 2003
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  3. Intact Kneeslider

    Jorgen Guest

    I like the sound of that gearbox...

    But is it just my eyes or does that tail end look heavily photoshopped?
    Something about the perspective & reflection...

    Jorgen, Nov 11, 2003
  4. The Italians can't even make -normal- electronics. I have a feeleing that's
    gunna be oh so reliable.

    [email protected], Nov 11, 2003
  5. Intact Kneeslider

    Knobdoodle Guest

    "... Or the rider can switch to full CVT and concentrate on enjoying the
    ride ..."

    Yep, all that gear-changing was really detracting from my riding
    Knobdoodle, Nov 11, 2003
  6. Intact Kneeslider

    Aido Guest

    I love it! What a Sexy looking beast.
    Aido, Nov 11, 2003
  7. Now that you dont have to change gears you can SMS someone on the move -
    brilliant !

    Baron Von Rotter, Nov 11, 2003
  8. Intact Kneeslider

    Dave Ello Guest

    ....on your way home from church. :)

    Dave ZZR600 => ST2 (stolen) => '03 XX
    Dave Ello, Nov 11, 2003
  9. Intact Kneeslider

    CrazyCam Guest

    ....or drink coffee, or eat a burger, or chat on the phone.....
    automatic bikes open up a whole world of new experiences.

    CrazyCam, Nov 11, 2003
  10. Intact Kneeslider

    Gary Woodman Guest

    Gary Woodman, Nov 12, 2003
  11. Intact Kneeslider

    Marty H Guest

    mmmm wet corner.....sudden gear change...no thanks



    "the Kiwipete hall of fame"

    lame duck who leeches on society
    leeching on taxpayers and leeching on society
    you useless piece of shit
    you lazy fucker
    dull dumdrop
    you dirty piece of scum
    Marty H, Nov 12, 2003
  12. Intact Kneeslider

    vinyl Guest

    I sometimes have to change my gear after wet corners

    I just don't like it

    (and I don't like it when the boss hits CTRL-V in a document he is doing and
    my usual sigfile containing kiwipete's abuse appears in his document.. Boss
    doesn't like it, either)
    vinyl, Nov 12, 2003

  13. Sorry,I was busy sending an SMS on the way back to the Delivery Centre...

    Postman Pat
    CT110 (I don't need no steenkeeng clutch lever...)
    Pat Heslewood, Nov 12, 2003
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