Adventures around Brisbane on a Yamaha TDM-850 (ride report, bike mini-review)

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Mark Micallef, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. Being in Brisbane from cold, rainy Melbourne for a few weeks on business, I
    couldn't help noticing the perfect riding weather which Brisbane enjoys
    day-in, day-out. I knew I had to do something about it!

    So off I went to Yamaha Enoggera (yes, I know, a bit of a plug, but it may
    be useful to some), where I hired a TDM-850 for the princely sum of $121 per
    day, no deposit required. A decent CMS helmet was included, as was a
    Dryrider jacket that looked like it had been used to mop up an oil spill.
    Ready to rock.

    From Enoggera, headed straight up Samford Rd and onto Mt Glorious Rd for the
    obligatory run up Mt Glorious. Tight and twisty all the way with steep
    climbs through dense forest, got stuck behind some wobbly 250's for a while
    (ahh, it wasn't that long ago...), then hanged a right and rode along
    through Mt Glorious village until I saw a cafe packed with bikes on the
    right. Thinking, "this must be the place", I pulled over and chatted with
    Ken (hope I remembered the name right if you're out there matey!), the
    wizened biker who told me all about what to do and where to go over a
    serious burger. Cheers mate!

    Back down Glorious and hung a left at Samford Village onto Mt Samson Rd.
    Lots of gentle sweepers through farmland and countryside, little traffic.
    Time to see what that TDM could do! It was easy to ride, and super
    comfortable with its bolt upright seating position and deep, cushioned seat.
    This is a bike you can ride all day. The high centre of gravity (I had to
    stand on tippy-toes when stationary, and I'm not THAT short!) and large tank
    make the bike a bit top heavy, and a bit wallowy in the tight stuff (I'm
    used to an Across, so the difference is huge!). Perhaps not a great bike for
    really tight twisty stuff then, but a nice touring bike. The motor is an
    absolute blast. The big 850cc inline twin was lots of fun with heaps of low
    down torque - with all that grunt gear changing becomes an occasional event,
    and the bike happily powered up any hill I chose when I opened the
    throttle - oh, this is fun! All in all, I really like this bike, but I
    missed the handling of a sports bikes in the twisty stuff.

    From Samson Rd, right at Dayboro and left on Mt Mee Rd. Now this road is
    spectacular! Mixture of a few tight turns with lots of sweepers (from
    memory), and amazing valley views on your left as you ascend the mountain.
    Not to be missed for anyone visiting southeast Queensland! Once over the
    mountain, its more gentle to medium sweepers as the road passes through
    farmlands and small villages before finally reaching D'Aguillar Hwy just
    past Delaney's Creek.

    Left onto the highway and a boring bit until turning right onto the Kilcoy -
    Beerwah Rd for more of the now standard sweepers and lush green countryside.
    Again, very little traffic, these are fast, fun roads. Right onto Peachester
    Rd, and followed through to the Glass House Mountains Rd. Gobsmacked at the
    amazing looking mountains themselves - rising straight up from the flat,
    bright green countryside, these are a wierd and beutiful sight.

    Left onto the GHMR, and followed it through to the busy seaside town of
    Caloundra. I was actually expecting a Torquay sized village, so I was amazed
    to find a bustling centre of activity, but it seems to have avoided to worst
    of Gold Coast kitsch, and was a pleasant place to end the main part of the
    days ride. Looks like good surf too, but that's for another newsgroup!

    Back via the Bruce Hwy, which was bumper to bumper. Sat in it for a bit
    until a couple of bikes zoomed past in the emergency lane. I learn fast, and
    was back in Brisbane as the sun was setting. A terrific ride - thanks again
    Ken for letting me know! Next time: still have to climb Nebo via the Gap. Oh
    well, always good to have something to come back to!

    Mark Micallef, Sep 29, 2003
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  2. Mark Micallef

    Steel Golem Guest

    Did most of this ride on Saturday....was great except a few moments of
    terror are there is currently a 4k stretch on the Mt Mee road with
    roadwork...and came back via the twisties (peachester etc) rather than the
    Bruce Hwy....

    You picked a good ride...pity about the winds...
    Steel Golem, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. I'll have to jot that Mapleton tip down for next time Clem, but yeh as you
    say it was some great riding. I'd love to see what lies south, so next time
    I'm here for the weekend (which may be fairly soon) I'll drop you an email!
    Maybe I can convice work that I "need" a Ducati to commute from hotel to


    range before Beerwah and then taken
    Buderim you've just-about got it all!!
    Mark Micallef, Sep 30, 2003
  4. Mark Micallef

    Knobdoodle Guest

    Ooh yeah!!
    Knobdoodle, Sep 30, 2003
  5. I did a bit of riding on Saturday but I absolutely sweltered! Next time I
    come up here I bring my own riding gear (which has ventilation)! Came across
    heaps of loose gravel on that last part of the Mt Mee road as you mention,
    but for the most part it was pretty obvious so I'd already slowed down. The
    TDM seemed to handle it pretty well. I'd like to head south and see what's
    down there next time. I'll post a note in this group next time I'm up here
    for the weekend - I think I haven't seen the last of that TDM!

    Mark Micallef, Sep 30, 2003
  6. Mark Micallef

    Steel Golem Guest

    signs to Beaudesert and then to Nerang...tis fun....
    Steel Golem, Oct 2, 2003
  7. Hey Pete,

    I thought this post would grab your attention sooner or later! Obvious plug
    aside, I wouldn't mind taking a Peg out for a run at some stage, so I'll
    have to see what I can organise that way... I noticed you and Goodie seem to
    keep up with the sports bikes a fair bit of the time so they must handle.
    Back to the Across for a blast up to Marsyville tommorow (hope it starts!),
    but I'll be back in Brissy on Monday and will probably stay the weekend for
    more two wheeled fun south of the city!

    Mark Micallef, Oct 4, 2003
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