Alarm for BMW motorcycle

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Tim, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Tim

    Tim Guest


    Does anyone have a recommendation for an alarm system that can be
    fitted to a BMW (in this case its a 2001 R1150GS but most late model
    BMW's will be the same).

    I guess useful features might be an engine immobiliser (automatic
    arming after say 30 seconds), motion sensor, some kind of remote (is
    there a rotating key/code option for protection against scanners) and
    perhaps a pager option.

    I know there is/was a "factory" alarm available at some stage.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Tim, Aug 18, 2003
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  2. Tim

    Sutton Guest

    Well I had an alarm put in for my R1150R 2003

    And it has an auto immobiliser which even after you deactivate the
    alarm still cuts out the fuel pump. You have to actually deactivate it
    again once you have the key in or you will stay there and end up with
    a flat battery

    Doesnt have paging pr rotating code

    not that it will help you but got it from Oak Flats Electronics

    as for the name, well I cant find my paperwork,,,sorry about that
    Sutton, Aug 18, 2003
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  3. Tim

    RM Guest

    a good fitter will be able to fit any car type alarm to your bike...trouble
    is finding one...
    On alarms;
    Cyclops brand is made in Australia and very secure, the box is pretty small
    and with a bit of silicon would be waterproof, the remotes are waterproof...
    or there was a company on the gold coast called ESP that produced a
    dedicated bike alarm, it used 2 mercury switches that detected the 'change
    of state' as the bike was pushed off whatever stand it was on...along with
    hooking up the brake / clutch and shock sensors
    microwave sensors are good too, detecting movement near the bike, the
    problem is turning them down enough to be useful without false alarming, I
    have one under the seat, but it had to have its power reduced, it is just
    enough to detect someone leaning / sitting on the dont want to
    scare the crap out of people 'just having a look'
    I havent been in the alarm biz for a coupla years now but it is probable
    that things have not changed, most bike alarms were overpriced american
    units or badly adapted and overpriced car alarms.
    I usually adapted car alarms to work if I wanted an alarm on a bike, it is
    much more difficult to fit an alarm to a bike than a car and I only ever did
    a couple of em professionally...takes ages...well 5/6 hours, therefore is
    not as profitable and affords an increased chance of breaking something
    Isnt there a plug in one from BMW?...should only be $935 or so surely?
    Pagers are available, Vision (a common alarm brand) make one, there was an
    alarm that had a built in pager in the remote...maybe still around
    All alarms made after 1998 or so use rolling code remotes which make
    scanning codes a complicated matter
    Auto arming immobilisers are a pain but you get used to them...probably
    worth it in the city, any alarm built to australian standards has one
    I go now

    Sutton's addled brain managed to mash into the keyboard thusly :
    RM, Aug 18, 2003
  4. Tim

    sanbar Guest

    If you can hold a soldering iron steady, Silicon Chip magazine had a
    homebrew bike alarm (Jan 2002 edition,
    IIRC you can buy the components for it, including circuit board, from
    Jaycar stores.
    - sanbar
    sanbar, Aug 18, 2003
  5. Tim

    Damien Guest

    I've got a Mongoose Striker alarm on the CBR, cost $200. I fitted it myself, and it would only take around 4
    hours to install if you have half a clue and do your homework (eg. routing of wires) beforehand - needless to
    say, it took me a bit longer. :) But if you get it done by your local bikeshop, they shouldn't take more than
    2 hours. It's not very hard to do, just takes time and care.

    It's got an engine immobiliser, and detects any movement of the bike - it won't go off if you bump it, but
    will if the bike is moved at all, and seems to work quite reliably. There's a remote start feature as well,
    but I didn't hook that up. There is also an optional pager, for an extra $70.

    All up, it's an affordable alarm with reasonable features, and seems quite reliable. The only thing to watch
    out for is the state of your battery - if it is on the way out, the alarm will kill it if you don't ride the
    bike at least once every day, to charge it up.

    GPX250 (stolen) -> CBR600
    Damien, Aug 19, 2003
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