Alright, so I've joined the motard ranks...

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Dave Slavik, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Dave Slavik

    Dave Slavik Guest

    I've been holding off, but finally decided I had to do it, even if it will
    land me in jail at some point ;)

    (Kind of cut and pasted from BARF, with the in-jokes removed)

    Picked up my Black DRZ400SM this morning.

    My god.

    Oh sweet satan, what have I done?

    I can't begin to describe how fun this bike is right off the showroom floor.

    So light you can pick it up and carry it around, but has enough oomph to get
    you well past legal speeds on any road without a problem.

    And the cornering....oh man....

    I was actively looking for nasty patches of road to ride over as I bopped
    about the city after I picked it up.

    And it vibrates a lot (but not in a bad way)

    Hitched a ride with spdt509 this morning up to Marin CycleWorks, there were
    a few people in line at the sales desk, so I sat around and shot the breeze
    with Guy, Seth, and John.

    I had only been there once before to put my deposit, but really like the
    atmosphere of the place, it was nice to just hang out and bullshit with
    folks, talk about stupid things we've done, upcoming rides, etc. Gives me
    the same feeling when I walk into Mission, the people are friendly and easy
    to talk to.

    There was pretty much no haggling either, I stated what I wanted to pay, and
    they came through for me, it was so painless I was almost confused

    It is close enough that I can see myself going up there for my suzuki stuff,
    and it appears that the weird looking parts guy knows his shit about all
    things motard and dirtbike (And there are some nice roads in the general
    area for afterwards)

    As I pulled into my garage this morning (Meaning 2am after having women in
    schoolgirl outfits grinding against me), I looked at that 6 inch lip that I
    keep meaning to build a ramp for (to keep the bikes up there, and move the
    cage into the garage), popped the front up and just hopped up onto the rear

    Another couple weeks and I'm going to be calling people to bail me out...

    Oh...and Rebecca up at Marin is hot

    (some drunk almost knocked it over outside RawHide tonight, but it is so
    light I just reached over and grabbed the left bar with one hand and pulled
    it back on the stand as it was falling)

    Photo of it after I ran downstairs at three AM half-naked with a camera is
    here: (No, I am not in the photo, you can go to the Folsom Fair tomorrow to
    see me running around half-naked)
    Dave Slavik, Sep 25, 2005
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  2. Dave Slavik

    -Anton- Guest

    Welcome to the dark side!
    I've used my XR650R 'moto for commuting, trackdays, and all kinds of
    miscellaneous hooliganism (1 mile wheelie!) .

    You'll have a blast pretty much everywhere except long distances.
    As you've observed, if you don't have great self control (or at least
    a good idea where the local cops hang out) these things are capital T
    Trouble. Heh. At the same time, you aren't going a million miles an
    hour to have as much or more fun than you might on a sportbike.


    -Anton-, Sep 25, 2005
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  3. Dave Slavik

    sqidbait Guest

    Pretty cool.

    -- Michael
    sqidbait, Sep 26, 2005
  4. Dave Slavik

    cstatman Guest

    Kiss yer fekkin driving record good bye.

    that is one of the most fun bikes ever.

    woo hoo, good for you
    cstatman, Oct 5, 2005
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