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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by Chris Cavin, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Chris Cavin

    Chris Cavin Guest

    Seems to me that all the uproar in the AMA stemming from Mladin practicing in
    the F-Xtreme class, the Superstock guys practicing in the Superbike class,
    and so forth, could be easily cured by restricting what machinery and which
    riders can be entered into each specific class. i.e. You can't race the same
    Superstock bike in both the Superstock class and the Superbike class and if
    you practice your Superbike in F-Xtreme then you MUST start the F-Xtreme

    The AMA has truly muddied the waters making the F-Extreme bikes and the
    1000cc Superbikes SOOOOO close to each other as to be nearly
    indistinguishable. And on top of that, they pronounce these mid-season
    regulation changes that try to alleviate the situation with no discussion.

    Make no mistake, they didn't change a rule because you can't change rules
    without a discussion period.

    I've really hated the AMA's policy of letting WAY off the pace Superstock
    riders into the Superbike races just to pad the grid for a long time now. The
    cross-class practicing and racing has now appeared to really bite them in the

    Chris Cavin, Aug 22, 2003
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  2. If the slow bikes in these classes are too slow, then just up the
    pole-cut. In F1 they use 107% of pole position. Any bike is fine, as
    long as it can keep up (or close enough).

    If the slow bikes in these classes are becoming a hazard or
    embarrassment, just up the cut-off time.
    Ryan Cousineau, Aug 24, 2003
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  3. Chris Cavin

    Chris Cavin Guest

    I had forgotten that the FX/SBK cross-over wouldn't be in effect next year,
    but the general point remains. I suppose what irks me more than anything
    else is that having what amounts to club racers running at dangerously slow
    speeds brings the class down in my eyes. It just doesn't seem professional.
    Bringing the 115% rule up to 107% would help tremendously and I hope (in
    vain?) that they'll change it.

    I love the AMA and it could be the premier factory SBK class in the world
    next year depending on how the Flamini WSB thing pans out. If it DOES work
    out that way, it would be a shame for the AMA to appear as it always has in
    the past, because their past appearance isn't always very flattering.

    Chris Cavin, Aug 25, 2003
  4. Chris Cavin

    Julian Bond Guest

    I don't understand how people can run a bike in one class, qualify and
    practice in a second and then choose to not run in that second class. I
    would have thought it would be fairly easy to get them to nominate a
    class for the bike and then hold them to it. And to punish persistent

    BSB has solved the problem of filling the SB grid by having a second
    "Privateers" cup with it's own points and prize fund running in parallel
    with the main SB championship. Again, what makes a "privateer" is pretty
    arbitrary and mainly consists of a team nominating themselves for one or
    the other. Occasionally the organisers make a ruling on a team, so
    earlier this year, David Jeffries on a well funded SS1000 was rejected.
    2 years ago Shakey won the privateer cup on a privately owned GSXR750
    that was a cast off from the Chris Walker factory team, re-started his
    career and has now gone on to win the SB Championship so this provides a
    good stepping stone. At the beginning of this year they dropped it but
    the grids got dangerously small so it was resurrected. Where we've had
    backmarkers it's pretty rare for more than a couple to get lapped near
    the end of the race which seems about right to me.
    Julian Bond, Aug 26, 2003
  5. Chris Cavin

    Chris Cavin Guest


    You make some good points. I don't have a problem with slower riders per
    say, but those that are getting lapped before 1/2 distance (baring problems)
    have no place on the grid of the premier AMA class IMO, be it sparse or not.

    I agree that changing the SBK rules to relatively lightly modified 1000cc
    bikes is a good thing and that it'll hopefully close the gap somewhat by
    making a competitive bike easier and cheaper to make. If they'd change the
    115% rule to, say, 110% I think a very large part of the problem (as I see
    it) would be taken care of.


    PS: Thanks for the thoughtful responses from you and Julian. Entirely too
    few of those on the usenet these days. :)
    Chris Cavin, Aug 26, 2003
  6. Chris Cavin

    Peer Landa Guest

    I agree. As soon as a rider gets lapped -- say, before halfway into the
    race -- he should be given the black flag, (unless it's Daytona 200 or
    some other quirky event).

    -- peer
    Peer Landa, Aug 27, 2003
  7. Chris Cavin

    Will Hartung Guest

    How do you think that a change to a shorter format in the AMA would affect
    the racing?

    Races tend to start with the sprint to the front, leaders pull away. The
    front pairs up into their battles, a bit of coasting and tire management mid
    race, then the battle for the finish as appropriate.

    With a longer race, the tires are in worse shape, the rider is more tired,
    etc (Did anyone see Jason Pridmore after his Forumla Extreme race? He was a
    wreck!). Formula Extreme races are shorter than SB, right? (I guess that
    should answer my question right there, but...)

    Does a shorter race mean that the racers fight that much harder? It
    certainly gives the fastest riders less of an advantage as they have less
    time to press it. It can ALMOST eliminate traffic problems depending on the
    pace of the field. I thought it was rather refreshing at the last MotoGP
    race how they never encountered traffic, leaving the race results solely in
    the hands of folks running up front versus the luck of how soon they
    encounter a lapper. It doesn't happen often, but I really hate it when a
    lapper breaks up 1 and 2 in the race. Traffic management is definately a
    skill necessary to run up front in the AMA.

    It seems that a shorter race is wee bit less "strategic", and more tactical,
    but a lot of strategic issues seem to work themselves out early in the race

    I don't care much for the mid-late race red flag restart sprints in the AMA
    (but I don't care much for accumulated time either, from a fan point of
    view). But most of those sprints are too short.

    Also, with shorter races, you have more dead air that has to be filled by
    the folks at SpeedTV, and they don't do a particularly good job of it, IMHO.

    Anyway, just curious.


    Will Hartung
    Will Hartung, Aug 28, 2003
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