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Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Jack Sprat, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Jack Sprat

    Jack Sprat Guest

    If you live in Ontario, Canada, I invite you to participate in a new
    discussion board that has been set up specifically for Harley owners in

    While I realize there are a number of newsgroups and Yahoo/MSN groups
    devoted to Harley enthusiasts, I could not find a discussion board that
    served Harley owners in the Toronto area. Therefore, I decided to create
    one. Since Toronto encompasses a rather large area, I decided to target
    the board to all Ontario Harley owners (and prospective owners), and not
    limit its scope to just Toronto.

    A number of forums in different categories have already been set up, and
    more can be created as needed. Registration is free, and your personal
    info will remain private.. unless you choose to disclose it in the
    forums. The board is open to everyone, and not limited to any specific
    Chapter or Club.

    It is my intention is to promote Harley riding in Ontario, and
    specifically in the greater Toronto area. If you are looking for a
    riding buddy, want to promote a ride or event, want to buy or sell a
    bike (or parts), want to discuss problems and fixes, performance
    upgrades, accessories, etc., or want to post pictures of your bike..
    then this discussion board may be for you!

    Please visit (and join) the Ontario Harley Owners Discussion Board:
    (please note: there are no 'zeros' in that URL!)

    Paul Leduc - jpl at
    OHO Board Administrator.
    Jack Sprat, Jul 21, 2003
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