Bar end diameters the same?

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Phil, Squid-in-Training, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Are clip-ons all the same diameter? I keep seeing 7/8". I guess that's the
    OD... are the IDs the same? Can any barend fit my F2?
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Feb 17, 2006
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  2. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    John Johnson Guest

    As I understand it, the important factor for bar-ends is the diameter
    and length of the screw that holds it onto the clip-on. From what I've
    seen, the ends themselves usually just clamp to the end of the clip-on,
    so they aren't the sensitive component. If your bar-end has captive
    screws or studs (i.e. permanently mounted to the bar-end) you won't be
    able to use that end on any bike that needs a longer screw or a
    different diameter. If the ends don't use captive hardware (e.g. those
    on my '94 VFR), you could just replace the hardware with stuff that fits
    (up to certain limits).


    'indiana' is a 'nolnn' and 'hoosier' is a 'solkk'. Indiana doesn't solkk.
    John Johnson, Feb 17, 2006
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  3. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    FB Guest

    You might try googling some online catalogs for aftermarket bar end
    weights to see what's available for your machine. Try and google for the Tucker Rocky online catalog too,
    they sell tons of junk---err---ummm---"accessories*, yeah, that's it,
    *accssories* for popular motorbikes.
    FB, Feb 17, 2006
  4. In the bicycle industry, we have a similar analog: Pyramid Bicycle Products
    by J&B Importers. Cheap, cheap stuff from China marked up 500% to 3000%
    above our cost at the bicycle shop at which I work.
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Feb 18, 2006
  5. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    John Johnson Guest

    Mind, if you want classy (but expensive) bar-ends for your CBR, see if
    you can get a Throttlemeister set in the UK.

    While billed as a sort of throttle control, you can simply purchase two
    "left" weights if you definitely don't want that function. I've got a
    set (not yet adjusted to work as a throttle control) installed on my
    VFR, and they are quite good-looking. I'm very happy with them just as
    bar-ends and look forward to getting the time to get the throttle
    control portion set up.


    'indiana' is a 'nolnn' and 'hoosier' is a 'solkk'. Indiana doesn't solkk.
    John Johnson, Feb 18, 2006
  6. Phil, Squid-in-Training

    FB Guest

    What do the French say, "Tout ca change, tout c'est la meme chose?"

    The fact that you've developed an eye for everything being the same
    signals that it's time to give the appearance that everything has
    changed in the name of style.

    I dunno how TR's marketing strategy works, but the aftermarket
    emporiums are just full of all sorts of generic aftermarket stuff that
    fits all popular current models. And that might not be such a bad

    They appeal to the snob in every rider, the guy who wants to be
    "different". Honda TV commercials tell about the 50 different ways to
    "customize" their basic cruiser.

    And all of that manufacturing capability is available to make each of
    us feel "unique" and "special".

    I remember back in the 1970's, when everybody and his brother and
    extended family was riding motorcycles and there were just a few
    popular models and everything was so generic I could even find cheap
    generic motorcycle parts in the home remodeling stores like Ole's.

    But, everybody wanted to be different. They all wanted some exclusivity
    so they would stand out from the crowd, so you can't buy a clutch cable
    at Home Depot, you have to go to an aftermarket emporium or worse, a
    gawddamned *$tealer$hip* and pay far too much money for a simple part.

    There really should be places like Pep Boys or Kragen or Auto Zone,
    selling cheap stuff for motorcycles. That's part of what it would take
    to get people out of their cages and on 2 wheels. But, who's going to
    take the risk to develop a market that isn't there yet?

    I did notice recently that Wal*Mart had a rack of generic motorcycle
    parts next to their Bell helmets.
    FB, Feb 19, 2006

  7. Not quite, no ;-)
    The Older Gentleman, Feb 19, 2006
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