Barry Sheene Memorial Challenge

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by diggert, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. diggert

    diggert Guest

    Barry Sheene Memorial Challenge

    I am undertaking this event on behalf of CLIC Sargent which help
    children with cancer and their families.
    Please have a look our web site and consider supporting us on thi
    unique event to comemorate Barry's life.

    Thanks very much

    Nick Tunstill
    diggert, Jan 15, 2006
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  2. diggert

    Andy Bonwick Guest

    No problem. Depending on how busy some of the regulars are and if you
    throw your toys about I reckon this could easily turn into a 100 post
    Andy Bonwick, Jan 16, 2006
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  3. Why should we fund your motorcycle jollies, ****?
    The Older Gentleman, Jan 16, 2006
  4. diggert

    JackH Guest

    I doubt anyone would find riding a CB500 that far all that jolly, tbh.
    JackH, Jan 16, 2006
  5. diggert

    Molly Guest

    Still having a bad time TOG?
    Molly, Jan 16, 2006
  6. diggert

    gomez Guest

    1800 miles in a *week*? Not much of a challenge, is it?
    gomez, Jan 16, 2006
  7. "*Total raised online: £0.00 "

    I guess people are less keen to pay for your holiday than you expected?
    toad_oftoadhall, Jan 16, 2006
  8. diggert

    mb Guest

    "...and finishes at the Dutch MotoGP at Assen".

    Blimey, that's handy, eh?
    I assume you're paying for petrol, ferries, food etc. yourselves?
    mb, Jan 16, 2006
  9. diggert

    TOG Guest

    <swims up, inspects lure>

    <swims away>
    TOG, Jan 16, 2006
  10. diggert

    'Hog Guest

    <lobs dynamite>
    'Hog, Jan 16, 2006
  11. <rummages in drawers>

    Ah. Got it.
    The MkII Incoming Rattle Detector.

    I'll just set it up right... here.
    Grimly Curmudgeon, Jan 16, 2006
  12. Yeah.....

    This morning the car had to go in for a major service[1], so I had to
    take the Duke to work. Normally I'd take the Trumf, in weather like
    this, but...

    And I was manoeuvring the Duke past the Trophy and out of the garage and
    past the XS650 and bump*CRACK*.

    So that'll be a new right-hand indicator, then. And they don't just sell
    the lens, oh no.

    I went into work in a right old grump. However, some dealer flogs them
    on Fleabay for £12 or something, so it's not all bad.

    [1] The usual, plus pollen filter, fuel filter, whatever. £236 for a 24k
    service. Quite reasonable, I thought. The engine in the 2.2 diesel
    Primera doesn't have a cambelt either, but a chain, which is nice.
    The Older Gentleman, Jan 16, 2006
  13. diggert

    Andy Bonwick Guest

    I'm waiting for the replies to come flooding in then we'll have a Dave
    does Oz epic all over again.

    Sorry Davey, I shouldn't have done that but I'm sure you'll take it in
    the manner it was meant...
    Andy Bonwick, Jan 16, 2006
  14. diggert

    Molly Guest

    Perhaps someone is sticking pins I a TOG effigy?
    Molly, Jan 17, 2006
  15. diggert

    wessie Guest

    wessie, Jan 17, 2006
  16. diggert

    Molly Guest

    Naturally I meant to tpe "In"
    Molly, Jan 17, 2006
  17. diggert

    Molly Guest

    Molly, Jan 17, 2006
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