Battery Tender Plus or Supercharger, Battery Float Charger

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by SpokaneRGH, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. SpokaneRGH

    SpokaneRGH Guest

    Re: Motorcycle float charger / maintainer

    With so many electronic and battery knowledgeable people out there in
    cyberland, hopefully I can get a little advice and direction on a
    motorcycle battery charger / maintainer. Aside from the price
    difference, which float charger would a battery wizz purchase, and why?
    (size of charger, preference? - Being each has a couple models to
    choose from)

    The Battery Tender Plus by Deltran
    --- or ---
    SuperCharger by ACI Specs.htm

    Note to dealers and employees:
    Please do not use this forum to promote your product.
    My intent is for unbias opinions. Thanks.
    SpokaneRGH, Dec 1, 2006
  2. SpokaneRGH

    LJ Guest

    I've used a Deltran battery tender JR on my 2000 R1100R and my 2004 R1150R.
    Neither bike have a lot of gizmos that drain the battery. I plug it in for
    12 hours or so once a month during the cold Minnesota winter and I've never
    had an issue. That said, it is not recommended for the gel battery in my
    '04, Deltran recommeds a BMW-specific tender for the newer BMW's.
    LJ, Dec 1, 2006
  3. SpokaneRGH

    CBXXX Guest

    Until recently I thought I'd go the cheap route for a battery tender.I
    bought the Harbor Frieght ones .Someone gave me a Harley Battery Tender
    by Deltran.I rode all winter last year and used the Deltran every
    night.The wire coming out of the BT started to fray.I emailed Deltran
    saying I had NO paper work didn't kbnow how old the unit was and could
    it be repaired.Deltran's answer was send it back it would be covered
    under warrantee and no charge as they considered it a manufacturing
    defect (I didn't I believe it was a wear and tear issue).I sent it in
    and 2 weeks later recieved a brand new BT junior.I have a few glass mat
    batteries so I needed my BT + to charge them.I emailed Deltran and they
    apologized and sent a BRAND new BT+ and let me keep the Junior at no
    charge.To me, thats customer service ABOVE and BEYOND and have made me a
    PERMANENT customer.I can't say enough about DELTRAN and their Battery
    Tender products and service.
    CBXXX, Dec 1, 2006
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