Best (most comfortable) saddle for Gold Wing 1500

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Rick, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Rick

    Rick Guest

    The saddle on my 1989 GL1500 is getting pretty sad, and I would like
    to replace it.

    What is this august group's opinion of the most comfortable (for long
    trips) aftermarket saddle available?

    Price isn't really an object within reason (I'm probably unlikely to
    spend $2000 for a saddle for a bike whose market value isn't more than
    maybe twice that).
    Rick, Jun 21, 2007
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  2. Rick

    Wudsracer Guest

    I can't tell you what is the absolutely most comfortable, but both
    Corbin and Mustang are excellent. I never had any complaints from
    customers who had laid down their hard earned money for either.
    (I did have some complaints concerning the cost of Corbin seats.)

    I personally have a Corbin seat on my old XV920RH, but it is now 20
    years old and still feels like new to my butt. (Mike Corbin did a
    custom job for me, before he got so "big".) Before the custom seat
    job, I had tried numerous avenues for 4 years, to keep my butt from
    going numb after only 50 miles. After the custom seat job, I lost my
    deep pile sheep skin. I can now make 200 miles before stopping for
    gas and a rest.
    The fellow who started and owns Mustang, was working for Corbin
    back when my seat was made. On the phone, he told me that he is the
    one who probably actually did the work on my seat. Mustang seats,
    while not cheap, are excellent in terms of support and comfort, and a
    lot less expensive than Corbin seats.

    Wudsracer/Jim Cook
    Smackover Racing
    '06 Gas Gas DE300
    '82 Husqvarna XC250
    Team LAGNAF
    Wudsracer, Jun 22, 2007
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  3. Rick

    Rick Guest

    Good morning, Jim.

    Unfortunately I just discovered (and received an email from Mustang
    confirming) that Mustang doesn't make seats for Gold Wings. :-(

    It's beginning to look like Corbin is the only game in town, except
    for a couple of custom rebuilders someone else here mentioned.

    Oh, well... :-\
    Rick, Jun 25, 2007
  4. Rick

    Mark Olson Guest

    Corbin is the only game in town for GL1500 saddles? No way.
    The Gold Wing has probably more saddle makers than any other
    single bike model. Here are just a few of the highest rated
    saddle makers for the GL1500:


    Russell Day-Long Saddles

    Mayer, Rick

    Mayer, Bill
    Mark Olson, Jun 25, 2007
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