Bike rental in the Bay Area?

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Gniewko, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. Gniewko

    Gniewko Guest

    I'm thinking of going to the Laguna Seca WSB race, and since I live in
    NYC, I would like to fly into San Francisco or San Jose, rent a bike,
    and ride to Laguna Seca. Can someone recommend a bike rental place in
    the Bay Area? I'd like to rent something reasonably sporty (no
    Harleys). I've heard about Dubbleju and San Jose BMW - any opinions
    about renting a bike from those two?
    Gniewko, Jun 25, 2003
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  2. A visiting friend rented from San Jose BMW a few months back. They treated
    us well; a good experience.

    CBR600 F3
    David Pitfield, Jun 25, 2003
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  3. Gniewko

    jim stinnett Guest

    jim stinnett, Jun 25, 2003
  4. When my buddy came out to visit me from back home last year we rented a
    Honda VFR from Cruise America in Oakland. They had several bikes on hand
    and were reasonably priced. If you do a search you can reserve one on their
    website, I beleive. Not too far from the Oakland Airport either.

    Sangre de Toro, Jun 26, 2003
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