Bikers Join Together to Create Charity For Families Of Injured or Deceased Bikers

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by ZapRatz, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. ZapRatz

    ZapRatz Guest

    I have no connection with the entity described below. I'm merely
    passing on the news in hope it is of use to someone, either directly
    or as inspiration for starting a similar program.

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    Bikers Join Together In Antigo to Create Charity For Families Of
    Injured Bikers

    7:59 AM Aug 27, 2008
    Reporter: Margo Spann

    "Brother to Brother" Charity Group Raises Money for Injured Bikers -

    A local biker group is raising money to help the families of injured
    or deceased bikers.

    The charity is called Brother to Brother.

    The President Darwin Davis says they've been up and running for about
    a year and a half.

    He says they provide money helps cover basic expenses like food,
    medication and other services for families of injured or deceased
    bikers the first few months after a serious accident.

    Davis says they have 148 members, but not all are bikers.

    He says they accept all members no matter what type of motorcycle you

    "If a biker goes down or passes this charity steps up the first couple
    of months to help the families with food, rent, electric, things like
    that. We have volunteers to provide at home care, we're even ready to
    cut lawns," says Davis.

    David Steinbrook says he suffered several injuries while he was riding
    his motorcycle.

    "I got a broken leg, 5 fractures on the skull, tore my ear apart, my
    eye socket, a broken chest, and a little road rash here and there,"
    says Steinbrook.

    Steinbrook says on July 19th he was t- boned by a deer, on highway D,
    North of Mattoon, which is South East of Antigo.

    He says he spent 2 and a half days in the intensive care unit at the
    hospital and Brother to Brother came to his aid.

    "I don't have any insurance so my prescriptions were about $100 a week
    and they helped me with that and a little bit of everything, " says

    Davis says their latest fundraiser is a raffle. They are selling $50
    tickets for a chance to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

    "It's a Dyna wide glide 105th Anniversary Edition. Only 2000 were made
    this is number 490 off the line, this is also the last year they are
    making they Dyna wide glide so it adds a little more special. It also
    has $450 worth of 105th emblems on it so it's not just out of the
    factory," says Davis.

    Davis says the raffle is scheduled for September 20th at Petticoat
    Junction in Antigo. For more information on where you can buy a raffle
    ticket call Petticoat Junction at (715) 627-1309.

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    Merit Gear Responds to Doyle DNC Comment

    Submitted: 08/27/2008

    ANTIGO - During his speech at the Democratic National Convention last
    night, Governor Doyle introduced Merit Gear in Antigo to the whole

    ZapRatz, Sep 2, 2008
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  2. ZapRatz

    SKooter Bum Guest

    Pardon the top posting. I just wanted to mention that Texas
    has a very similar organization. It's "Bikers for Bikers" and
    all money made from benefits goes directly to needy bikers.
    They have provided wheel chairs, helped with hospital bills,
    etc. after someone had an unintended getoff. They have a nice
    campground down near Magnolia and often have benefit rallies
    there. If you have an urge to do something worthwhile for
    the biker community you should check them out. NOTHING
    gets stuck in someones pocket for "administrative expenses"
    and all that crap that so many other organizations do.
    SKooter Bum, Sep 2, 2008
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