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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by darsy, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. darsy

    darsy Guest

    right - I've bought a couple of ratchet tie downs - now I need to hire
    a van.

    How big is a "Vauxhall Vivaro"? Would I easily fit a couple of bikes in
    the back (a ZX7R and an RGV250 for what it's worth)?
    darsy, Feb 18, 2005
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  2. darsy

    CT Guest

    Select either:

    or b)
    "Even the short-wheelbase panel van (length x width x height:
    4.78 x 1.90 x 1.97 metres) has a capacity of around five cubic
    metres; load area length is 2.41m, and height 1.38m."
    CT, Feb 18, 2005
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  3. darsy

    darsy Guest

    yes, yes, yes, but I wondered if anyone had experience of trying to fit
    bikes into something with that sort of headroom - I've only used taller
    vans in the past.
    darsy, Feb 18, 2005
  4. Vauxhall's website's working. You'd do well to visit it.
    Piece of piss.
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  5. FFS! I got my bike in the back of an Escort van. Jesus, you people want
    everything doing for you.

    Why not just go and look at a Vivaro or pay someone else to do it?
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  6. darsy

    darsy Guest

    See my reply to Chris - sure I can get the specs for any van I consider
    hiring, but I wanted "real world stories" about how easy it is to get
    bikes into a van this size.
    I *think* so too, but would like to be more sure before hiring one.
    darsy, Feb 18, 2005
  7. darsy

    wessie Guest

    darsy emerged from their own little world to say
    It's a rebadged Renault Traffic if that helps jog anyone's memory. My mate
    has a SWB Traffic but it has the hi-roof option so getting bikes in is a
    piece of piss. He rides his enduro bike up a narrow plank.
    wessie, Feb 18, 2005
  8. darsy

    CT Guest

    - I've only used taller vans in the past.

    Ah, I see. Well in that case, no, so "wibbleflipdibbledo".

    However, I noticed that they do SWB and LWB, with or without
    a high roof. Try getting a LWB with high-roof and I'm sure
    you'll be fine.
    CT, Feb 18, 2005
  9. darsy

    darsy Guest

    "you people" - what, people who like to make sure something would be
    appropriate/easy to use before paying to hire it? It's called
    because it's easier/cheaper to ask on here, you mong.
    darsy, Feb 18, 2005
  10. darsy

    darsy Guest

    thank you. I've sourced a plank now and everything.

    See, Whingo, this is the sort of info I was after.
    darsy, Feb 18, 2005
  11. darsy

    porl Guest

    Yeah it's fine. Bloke round the corner stuffed mine and his into a tiny van
    with no problems. Can't remember what it was though. But even I had to
    porl, Feb 18, 2005
  12. Ok OK. Look, if I wanted to move a couple of bikes, I'd be fairly sure
    I'd get em in the back of a tranny sized van. If that's all you want to
    do they will fit. I got my bike, upright and on the stand in an Ecort
    van. I really don't think you need to worry too much if your van's going
    to be taller.
    I mean what's wrong with going to have a look? A Vivaro is a newish van
    so they'll lots of nice shiny ones for you to look at. Last time I went
    to a Vauxhall dealer to buy a van, they were begging me to take it out
    for a test drive, too.
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  13. Well I did say it was a piece of piss, what more do you want?
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  14. Hence my post about going to view one. You can't get much more real
    world that seeing it for yourself.
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  15. darsy

    darsy Guest

    I'm not buying a van, you spaz, I'm going to be hiring it - they won't
    let me test drive a hire van.
    darsy, Feb 18, 2005
  16. darsy

    porl Guest

    You don't get an idea of others' previous experiences though, do you?
    porl, Feb 18, 2005
  17. Maybe the hire place won't, you dildo, but a Vauxhall dealer will.
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  18. He's only *hiring* it. Christ, it doesn't take a genius to work out that
    if it's crap, you don't hire another one. From what I see of the OP, he
    only wants to know if two bikes will fit in it, not if the Jacuzzi leaks
    after 300 miles or if the waterbed is comfortable ffs.
    Whinging Courier, Feb 18, 2005
  19. darsy

    porl Guest

    Well I could imagine that someone might have found that the floor anchors
    are inappapriate for tying down bikes or something. Seems a perfectly
    acceptable question to ask imo. Going to look at a van and just imagining
    getting the bike in there isn't necessarily the best method for choosing
    porl, Feb 18, 2005
  20. darsy

    HooDooWitch Guest

    So why not got to and and download some piccies? You
    can then see if they'll fit in the van with Photoshop.
    HooDooWitch, Feb 18, 2005
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