Blobbi Sanchez in, "The Facelift"

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Tyrone Sharpton, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Blobbi Sanchez walks into a plastic surgeon's office and tells
    him she wants a facelift. He says "Well, we have three models.
    The first is for $1000 and is guaranteed for one year, the
    second is $3000 and is guaranteed for 3 years and the last is
    $5000 and it is guaranteed for 5 years."

    Blobbi says "Well tell me about them."

    The doctor says, "For $1000 you are going to get a half-ass job
    that you pay very little for."

    She responds, "Forget that one, what about the next one."

    He explains, "For $3000 we do a much better job and pay close
    attention to detail, but it is only guaranteed for 3 years."

    Blobbi says, "No, that's no good either, what about the last

    The doctor replies, "For $5000 you are going to get the best
    facelift with a feature that is on the cutting edge of plastic
    surgery. There will be a screw attached to the back of your head
    and if you notice your face sagging, just come back in and we
    will tighten the screw."

    Blobbi is delighted and has the surgery. About 6 months later
    she comes back to the office very upset. "Doctor, I want my
    money back because I look horrible. Look at these bags under my

    The doctor leans back in his chair and says, "Lady you aren't
    getting anything back. Those bags under your eyes are your tits
    and if you keep messing with that screw, you're going to have a
    Tyrone Sharpton, Jul 23, 2011
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  2. Tyrone Sharpton

    Checkmate Guest

    Warning! Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles when reading posts by
    Checkmate. Oh, yeah... I should also mention that Tyrone Sharpton said the

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    "You have got to be the biggest butt fucking moron in this place.
    You use socks and then admit to it? What the **** is the point?"

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    "Shouldn't you be making a blanket, doing the dishes or some other form
    of woman's work?

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    "i might be a wank job i'll give you that"


    "Try some English the next time you need to get your point accross."

    -Ragnar the spelling cop, who apparently can't spell "across."

    "As we all can tell by the fact that you spend half you fucking life
    right here, casing me around."

    -Ragnar the Hypocrite, right after criticizing Kachina for her typos.

    "I guess insinuating that you like black cocks is now racist."

    -Ragnar the Hypocrite, who thinks that he can improve on a fag lame
    by specifying that it's with a black man.

    "you are of the misguided opinion that there is something derogatory
    attached to an affinity for African American cock"

    -Ragnar, who knows what he likes
    Checkmate, Jul 23, 2011
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