Brain is shown to be a fool once again

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by another viewer, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Looks like Brain is being proven wrong again by other unbiased newsgroup
    readers. Thanks Superfly.

    the last 3 ZZ Top albums have been worked on at my shop as well as
    multiple tour pre-production rehearsals and preps.

    That's not to mention the Rolling Stones, Destiny's Child, Willie
    Nelson, Clint Black, Geto Boyz, George Clinton, INXS, Dr. Dre and many,
    many other major artists who have also worked there, as many of the
    readers of this group have seen and discussed in the past couple of days.

    Now, who's the liar and fraud, Brain? It's you.
    another viewer, Jul 8, 2004
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  2. another viewer

    Brian Walker Guest

    It sure would be nice to narrow all this down. As a matter of fact,
    here's a list of the John Moran's that I've found just in the Houston
    area...and I really wasn't trying:

    John Moran - Alvin, TX
    John Moran - Baytown, TX
    John Moran - Houston, TX
    John Moran - Houston, TX (different address and phone number)
    John Moran - Liverpool, TX
    John Moran - Houston, TX (different address and phone number)
    John Moran - 4106 Jackson Galveston, TX (which according to your
    records*** we know this is you)

    Can you explain? You're in the medical "research foundation" field,
    AND the recording field. You have all these different addresses?
    You're "pals" with Billy Gibbons, but the only information you have on
    him is what you've read in magazines?

    Now, as much as I appreciate Superfly coming to your aid to find a
    mention of a John Moran in Guitar Player, he's not Billy Gibbons. Go
    get Billy Gibbons (or I might even take "Barbra" Streisand or Willie
    Nelson) to let us know you're the same one as listed in the interview
    and you own a recording studio that they've used and recorded hit
    records and soundtracks at.

    And, it seems to me that you're intent on being "one up" on me with
    something. Okay, I're a lying jackass. There, now
    you're "one up" on me.

    *** not to be confused with recording records...only billing records.
    Brian Walker, Jul 8, 2004
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  3. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    Now .. aren't you the "one".. ??? Brian tracked your trashy ass down and
    found out who "Another Viewer" REALLY is, didn't he. ?? Home address and
    phone number, if I recall.. With all your claims to fame, heven't noticed
    anyone uncovering anything on you other than some of the usenet buddies
    being impressed.. Here's the "fun" part.. You haven't responded to my latest
    little discovery .. There is a good likelihood that you are an ex-convict
    who has served considerable time in the pen.. Let's just see where that one
    might lead us..

    Your claims of fame and fortune is only confirmed by a website that isn't
    very clear about anything.. I've maintained all along that you are some kind
    of sleazy porn peddler on the internet.. Evidenced by the disgusting porn
    sites you frequent and post on this newsgroup, occasionally.. The way you
    dodge and skip from thread to thread in order to "ignore" sticky comments
    substantiate at least a part of that.. While you continue to try to
    establish your credibility .. you still make claims that you've posted
    "pictures of me in my chaps" from those porn sites.. Not a LIAR.. definitely
    a liar..Those comments crossed the line when you included my wife in your
    disgusting suggestions.. Yep.. Brian called you right.. You are definitely a
    liar.. You've been afforded many opportunities to back away from all this
    and put it in the past.. by me.. Your obsession with "The Walkers" have and
    continue to be the "undoing" of your fabrications..

    Your claims of association with Baylor University have been other examples
    of your facade of decency.. They've never heard of you nor anyone of your
    description.. According to some of the staff at Baylor, your association
    with them in any clinical research is preposterous...They have conducted
    some research on the inmate population of the Texas Department of
    Corrections.. Coupled with the most recent possibilities of your past, that
    could account for some of the claims you make in that regard..

    Meantime.. rest assured.. your connection in the entertainment industry is
    not the issue with me..The disgusting and dispicable suggestions directed
    toward my wife is the main issue that I have with you, John Moran.. or
    whoever you might be, this week.. Your association with Iron Butt
    Association and the Waltz Across Texas run have caused me to know that you
    are a liar.. Your claims of association with Baylor University is a lie.. I
    believe that your only connection with the entertainment industry is as a
    porn distributor and host of a disgusting porn site..

    Instead of calling someone a liar on a newsgroup, you would be well advised
    to commence apologizing to people, trying to undo some of the hard feelings
    and harm that you have done.. While you persist in the direction you are
    going, you only direct more attention to your own lack of any decency..

    Bill Walker
    Irving, Tx.
    Bill Walker, Jul 8, 2004
  4. Nope, Superfly's just quoting Gibbons directly from the Guitar Player
    interview. Maybe they didn't interview the right Billy Gibbons either?

    Brain, you are dumb as a post to try to weasel out of this.
    Grasping for straws aren't you loser ? You've been discredited and
    shown to be a fool by several people on this group and you still persist?

    there are pictures of me on my studio website with Gibbons, Destiny's
    Child, Keith Richards, David Byrne and many others who i've worked with
    over the years.
    there's also a link at the bottom of the main page to a couple of
    motorcycle pages that covers many of the things i've talked about here
    and pictures of the bikes i've had listed in my sig line for ages.

    and all that is supposed to be some other john moran? what an uncanny
    L O L!!

    just how incredibly stupid are you, Brain?

    you have so many people laughing at you now, you're great entertainment.
    keep dancing for us, fool.
    another viewer, Jul 8, 2004
  5. <snip the useless bullshit>

    ok Dallasleatherboy, can't stand your son being exposed as the fool he
    is and him being the laughing stock of ?

    you say you know what i look like, so see if i'm on this page anywhere
    along with the celebrities we've talked about and get back to me and the
    rest of the group.

    of course that could all be coincidence, the pictures, the links, the
    motorcycles, the interviews, the awards, yah that's it, it's all
    coincidence. LOL

    stupidity is obviously genetic in your family, as is trouble accepting
    another viewer, Jul 8, 2004
  6. I thought he might, but he didn't want to do that and be immediately
    exposed as the fool he is. I just tossed it out there for others to
    find, knowing that anyone else could accomplish the task from an
    unbiased and objective position and that would be the most credible.
    Thanks again for taking the time to look it up and posting it. It
    should have been easy to find.

    It's pretty amazing Brain's still trying to figure a way to weasel out
    of being shown as a fool so conclusively. All it does is make him look
    that much more dumb, but I guess he really is that dumb to keep going on
    the way he is.
    another viewer, Jul 8, 2004
  7. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    Nope.. don't like "trash" like you trying to make a "fool" out of anyone,
    especially my son or my wife..
    Against my better judgement, I went on that web page.. hmmm... YOU are in
    some of those pictures.. As I have said before.. I believe that your closest
    claim to fame is the porn websites that you frequent.. I have also
    maintained that I could care less about any of your "connections".. You are
    still "Trash"..
    Could be..
    The "family" thing again.. Obviously.. you know little about family..
    Stupidity .. doubtful.. ability to spot a con artist and phony.. right on..
    Huntsville is full of them.. Some get released .. I even followed one of the
    links on the webpage.. Still working on that one.. Seems like most of this
    internet activity is recently created and fairly new.. hmmm... How dedicated
    are you in your Walker obsession..?? I don't believe that all these people
    on this newsgroup is quite as naive as you seem to think.. You see.. When
    Trash like you commences to attack someone, there are a many who take
    exception..It is particularly noticeable that you absolutely make no mention
    of the attack on my wife.. Also .. quite noticeable.. you were very low key
    while I was in your area.. You never answered your phone nor returned any of
    the calls... three .. I think..

    Your conversation on this newsgroup, your claims to fame and fortune and
    your disgusting taste in porn is really saying more than you are not
    saying.. Typical behavior and mannerisms of a convict who has recently been
    released.. Many of the characteristics are evident .. Let's just wait and
    see on that one.. It is a fact, however, that you habitually change identies
    and use aliases..
    Bill Walker, Jul 8, 2004
  8. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    LOL.. maybe you are too "easy".. The history of this trash should make
    anyone suspect anything that he says or does.. Websites are created and
    pulled down from day to day... I have never maintained that John Moran is
    not clever or devious.. I call him trash of the worst kind for a very good

    I've been looking at that website also.. If you are so interested.. might
    want to take a closer look at his presence in those pictures.. Regardless
    ... whether he is or isn't in "any" kind of business or not is immaterial
    with me.. He is trash .. One of the first encounters I had with John Moran
    was when he attacked someone on this newsgroup..That attack was about the
    same as his attacks on Brian and me. As a result .. there was a blessing..
    the man he attacked became a good friend.. This trash then proceeded to post
    his disgusting porn pictures, which he claimed I was in.. That was a joke to
    me.. When he suggested my wife was in the pictures, he crossed the line and
    I'd whip his fat ass in a heartbeat, with George Jones watching.. I don't
    give a rats ass what you think of me nor what you think of Brian.. Your
    defense, any defense of trash like John Moran puts you pretty close to his
    category, with me.. I'm John Moran's target.. best keep it that way and stay
    off Brian's ass..entiende...
    Bill Walker, Jul 8, 2004
  9. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    LOL... what a joke.. Patents my ass..
    You and John Moran would really be compatible.. He is definitely your speed.
    Real interesting...
    ROTFLMAO... how come you can't make that thing work.. I have been trying my
    best to get you to killfile me for months... Even with all your inventions,
    you got a problem with it...
    Bill Walker, Jul 8, 2004
  10. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    Better look again.. None of those people are involved.. Just you funny
    little turds.. LMAO..
    Too silly to even contemplate.. Oh yeah.. If any of you little twits ever
    get a contact phone, I'd make another trip to Houston.. Won't that be fun.??
    Bill Walker, Jul 8, 2004
  11. another viewer

    Brian Walker Guest

    Weasel out of what, Mr. Moron?

    First you're a computer expert, then you're a doctor, then you own a
    medical research you're an owner of a recording
    studio? Can you please narrow something down and make up your mind
    what you want us to believe?

    I keep telling you and you can't seem to grasp it, I don't care about
    you or what you do. You're a lying jackass. You're "one up" on me for
    that. You're a low life fat man. That's two you're "one up" on me for.

    So, tell me what I'm trying to "weasel out of".

    Once a month, you jack-offs jump up wanting to discredit me. Thus far,
    nothing you assholes have come up with has done the job. The way I see
    it, y'all seem a little disturbed that I have a good relationship with
    my dad the way I do. Maybe if you'd take a bath and lose some of that
    fat you've got going (as well as get a real hair cut) you too could
    have this good of relationship.

    Do you want to try discrediting me by going to get Lisa Mauer again?
    That seemed to work so well before...
    Brian Walker, Jul 9, 2004
  12. Is that why you keep searching for me in phone books and on the internet
    ? You've been doing that for months now, the first time you thought
    BeemerBikers website was mine. You posted yet another list again today
    and you still don't get it. Still spending time searching for me, but
    you don't care?

    LOL what a putz! Man, you are dumb!

    You said I wasn't in the music industry, that I was a "liar and a fraud"
    for saying so. Then you said you could talk to Gibbons next week at
    Muddy Waters but you had no clue he was out on tour. Then, when you
    were shown to be wrong by Billy mentioning me in his Guitar Player
    interview for working on ZZ's Mescalero album, you try to make the case
    that it must be some other "john moran". You were proven wrong yet
    again, by the most casual 3rd party observers here on the group who even
    now are telling you to give it up, you are making yourself look more
    stupid than usual.

    ->You<- have been shown to be the fool, the liar and the fraud multiple
    times in just a couple of days. Everyone here sees it and are laughing
    their asses off at you. You did that all by yourself. Multiple people
    here are telling you to give it up, yet you persist in your stupidity.
    Do you think any of this is going to change just because you keep
    posting wrong info over and over ? It won't.

    One more thing estupido: intelligent people can do more than one thing
    in life and can simultaneously manage and operate multiple enterprises
    when working with other equally talented people. It may be hard for you
    to grasp given your limited cranial capacity, but try real hard to
    understand that other people can do that, even if you are incapable of
    doing so yourself.
    another viewer, Jul 9, 2004
  13. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    Did Brian trace you, in spite of all your aliases ?? Yep.. zeroed in on
    you, alright.. now everyone knows.. How about the time you had to do, John
    ? You keep avoiding that issue.. like so many other issues .
    When are you going to address the arrest and convictions issue.. Trash.. ??
    Come on fat boy.. fess up now.
    I am the one who called you a phony and counterfeit a long time ago..
    Whatever business you are in .. or not.. has nothing to do with my reason..
    I'm still calling you a liar.. phony and a counterfeit.. as well as pure

    Then you said you could talk to Gibbons next week at
    I believe that you are a pitiful little fat boy, who has lived his whole
    life in the shadows .. I believe that you grew up being teased and made fun
    of by the ones around you.. I believe that you have diligently tried to
    develop and fabricate an identity or personnae that would make you
    respected.. I believe that you have probably spent some time in custody and
    was confined for a while.. There.. you developed some skill in articulation
    and spun your fantasies around the entertainers which you read about.. How
    or why you became interested in motorcycles escapes me, but perhaps it has
    to do with the way you were treated in prison/jail and represents a "macho"
    identity to you.. These things are the picture I am getting and each week,
    they become more positive..

    Your longstanding obsession with the Walkers goes back to the time when you
    attacked another on this group and I interceded on his behalf.. Your
    affiliation with Baylor University is another fiction of your imagination ..
    in anything other than perhaps being observed in one of their many projects
    involving felons in prison.. The Walkers represent a threat to your little
    world that you are selling on this newsgroup.. And you are so stupid that
    your obsession is going to ultimately be the vehicle which will destroy your
    little fantasy.. Brian has nothing to fear from the likes of trash like
    you.. He's lived an honorable life and has never hurt or abused anyone.. One
    thing that is inescapable John is, your own detestible and disgusting
    SELF... .
    You are a pitiful disgusting little fat man.. desperate to be accepted and
    respected.. All this support that you visualize is really not there... A
    couple of these people on here have bought into your fantasy and
    fabrication..A couple.. No one knows for sure, but I would suggest that
    Trash invests in Trash.. Be that as it may.. You can address this response
    to your filth, or not.. Who is "PeeWee Walker" ?
    Bill Walker, Jul 9, 2004
  14. <snipped nebulous ravings>

    Wow, you really are delusional.

    Seek Help, Bill.
    another viewer, Jul 9, 2004
  15. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    LMAO.. about the response that I expected.. I'll take that as " Damn nailed it"...We'll see..
    Bill Walker, Jul 9, 2004
  16. another viewer

    Brian Walker Guest

    You've got it. It took me all of a few minutes on a phone call and
    then yesterday doing a quick people search to see how many John Morans
    there were in the area. That's about all the time you're worth.
    You might check the posting again. No matter how many times you try
    and spin it, doesn't make it change. I said I know where I can find
    Billy Gibbons and where he hangs out for drinks. I said that I might
    just hang out there next week and see if I could run into him. I
    didn't say he was going to be there.

    For a silly fat man, you're not very well versed.
    And? You're kind of obsessed with this "I've got to prove you wrong"
    thing you've got going. If anything, you only showed that you weren't
    lying about that one part of your little worthless life.

    What I'm still curious about is why this sudden need to announce to
    everyone about this big event in your life? Is it because of your need
    to be accepted?
    This is funny. I'm proven wrong? About what? What am I shown to be a
    liar and a fraud about? What am I proven wrong about?

    Fat man, you're losing my interest all together.
    You keep saying that, but you still haven't shown how this is true.
    Don't count on "everyone"'re three friends don't count as
    I called you a liar about you being in the medical field and that
    still stands. I called you a fraud and a phoney and that still stands.

    Anything else from you before I finally get sick enough of looking at
    your dribble that you end up being completely ignored?
    Brian Walker, Jul 9, 2004
  17. another viewer

    Bill Walker Guest

    ROTFLMAO... Damn.. I must be "dumber" than a freakin' rock.. This is too
    damn funny.. I have just been informed that Morgan Kane is a "woman"..
    LMAO.. Now that I think about it, makes sense.. Holy Shit.. no wonder we've
    been going in circles on this newsgroup.. Damn me.. I've never been
    challenged this way by a woman.. Way to go .. Morgan.. Now .. let's start
    over again..

    Your comments and taste in friends, leads me to believe that you are goofy
    as a tree full of hoot owls.. LMAO..

    This concept was presented to me this morning, and I must admit that it
    explains many things that I have wondered about..
    However.. nothing in this life is certain and things are seldom as they
    appear on any newsgroup.. Have a very good day, Lady... I'm sure having a
    superb one...

    Bill Walker
    Irving, Tx.
    Bill Walker, Jul 9, 2004
  18. "We'll see" my ass. Watch'a dreamin about foolio?
    The FBI had cause to investigate your little boy, not me.

    I'm so clean, I'm like fresh laundry, so let's hear your latest fantasy.
    This ought to be great!
    another viewer, Jul 9, 2004
  19. another viewer

    Bownse Guest

    Now THAT'S funny! Put a site into production still using the
    off-the-rack boilerplate and failed to even edit out the filler text!

    "Contact Customer Services
    How do customers reach customer service? Resize, move, add or delete
    this and other page elements to accommodate your information needs.
    Lorem ipsum, Dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam
    nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat
    volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation
    ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo
    consequat.Wassan monje kenneth hassan nostrilis"

    That's the attention to detail I want payed to my networking
    archetecture. Yup yup yup.

    And the whole site loads so slowly that it makes level 2 DLS appear to
    be a dial-up 33.6 AOL connection.
    Bownse, Jul 9, 2004
  20. another viewer

    Bownse Guest

    They don't even have any employees.

    "Submit a resume
    To submit a resume for consideration toward employment with us, please
    send us an email with the resume pasted in the body of the message.
    Resumes sent as any other format will NOT be considered.

    Please note: We do not directly employ. We hire contractors based on
    experience and needs of our customers."

    They subcontract out. They are administrative overhead.
    Bownse, Jul 9, 2004
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