Brian & Mike

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Dusty, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Dusty

    Dusty Guest

    I know it is a bummer for both of you to be in this spot but cant you handle
    this out side of the N/G ?
    Dusty, Jun 18, 2007
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  2. Dusty

    redshad Guest

    They could but they want to do it here so we all can read it. We like
    it here just fine...its helps BJ's ratings so buzz off before someone
    on here kicks your ass too.

    redshad, Jun 18, 2007
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  3. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    Sorry about the inconvenience, Dusty.. I think all this commenced with
    a report about another dealer in the metroplex, that was taking advant-
    age of customers .. We've got a lot of good dealers around here but,
    there are a few that will rape anyone doing business with them, at any
    given time..

    In the best interests of everyone riding motorcycles in this area.. these
    questionable dealers sure need to be exposed.. Riders need to be
    alerted to them.. That's what is going on here.. this dealer is slinging
    snot and doing a lot of posturing and name calling, to make himself
    a little cleaner.. Evidently, Brian is the first one of his customers who
    has given him some publicity for what he did to Brians' motorcycle..

    It'll play itself out after a while.. Just be patient..

    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  4. Dusty

    chornbe Guest

    Nah, it all started with your backwater DNA being able to actually
    chornbe, Jun 18, 2007
  5. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    LOL.. I'd offer to kick your juvenile ass, but I'd be afraid I'd be charged
    with child abuse..
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  6. Dusty

    Mike Guest

    I wish we could. If Brian will answer his phone, or after he gets his
    registered letter, maybe it will all go away. Sorry for getting
    involved in this NG. I was notified by a customer that I should defend
    myself. Again, sorry for the dirty laundry posted here. You guys seem
    like a good group with a Walker problem. GOD, I wish I had never met
    Mike, Jun 18, 2007
  7. Dusty

    Dusty Guest

    Well it is quite different to read that is for sure.
    Dusty, Jun 18, 2007
  8. Dusty

    Brian Walker Guest

    Yeah, just keep thinking that.....

    You still haven't elaborated on all this "making a living scamming
    others" you kept talking about.....or was that more of your bullshit
    that was as hollow as your ragged shop that tore up my motorcycle?

    Answer my phone? I don't seem to have a problem with that. I answer it
    all the time. I don't have time to waste with your bullshit though.
    Get serious and we'll talk. Want to keep on with your bullshit wanting
    me to be polite and humble after your ragged shop fucked up my
    motorcycle, no time for you.

    Your choice.
    Brian Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  9. You and me both! Names don't bother me, questioning my service to the
    country...they should be glad I consider them not worth the effort of coming
    down there. Granted I could write the whole trip off as a business expense.
    Keith Schiffner, Jun 18, 2007
  10. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    ROTFL.. You've never laid eyes on either Bill or Brian Walker, you
    pimp.. Whew .. after all these years of your usenet posturing about your
    to your country being insulted.. and what you are going to do about it, you
    are a
    joke.. I've offered to buy you an airline ticket to DFW.. and see that you
    are pick-
    ed up at the airport.. Make me the same offer, if you feel so strongly about

    Here you go again.. if it's any motivation.. You are a bedwetting, dope
    using little
    wimp that's never been closer to combat, than an enlisted men's club.. You
    serve in Korea for a time, but it was so far away from the 38th, the
    possibility of
    ever seeing anything resembling actual combat was remote as Venus.. Mopping
    floors on the wards of medical dispensary units don't qualify as combat, you
    spineless little turd..

    Some of the other claims that you've made, which references your "heroism"
    beyond credibility of anyone who has actually "served"..

    For the record.. most contemptible and detestable to me, is any gutless
    creep like you, that tries to claim such bravado on a newsgroup with such
    ulous claims.. like some of the ones you have made on usenet.. The closest
    thing to "professional" anything that you've ever come.. is as a
    goldbrick" who finally got so brazen with drugs, that local civil
    authorities nailed
    your ass and the Army cashed your check for you, when you started wetting
    your own bed.. to get a discharge..

    Even on usenet.. Sgt. Bedwetter.. you continue to demonstrate just how much
    of a cowardly son of a bitch that you actually are.. That little "killfile"
    scam of
    yours is as phoney as the claims of such heroism as you've made..

    Man up.. you sorry piece of shit.. wild horses couldn't drag you within
    miles of
    either Walker.. for any reason.. I'll be waiting for that airline ticket ..

    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  11. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    Fact is.. you have MET them.. Fact is.. you are sleazy as hell.. Anyone
    that makes the mistake of doing business with you is going to get the
    short end of the deal.. Fact is.. you need to stick to peddling your junk
    and not trying to play with the big boys in the motorcycle business..

    The oddball collection that was sitting in front of your store, is evidence
    enough of what you are capable of dealing with.. Yep.. I'd sure say that
    you've sure enough got yourself a "Walker problem" alright.. Don't blame
    you a damned bit.. I'd sure regret ever meeting "the Walkers"..

    hmmm.. One other little tidbit.. any of the four times I was in that store
    yours.. I conducted myself like a gentleman, even when those employees
    of yours were trying to convince me how great their mechanical expertise
    was.. how many years they'd worked on motorcycles and they'd sure have
    to cut the frame on mine.. to remove the right hand side cover case to re-
    build the clutch.. That day.. I put my motorcycle in a legitimate shop with
    some genuine techs and they did the job.. Not much difference in cost, but
    they were a little bit higher than your price.. but, there hasn't been a
    problem after the work, either.. About the same story concerning a carbur-
    etor rebuild and the valve adjustment done on my motorcycle..

    You and I have never had a cross word about any of all this.. and I've nev-
    er offered my opinion to anyone about Renegade Motorcycles or Mike
    Thompson until you jumped on this newsgroup to tie into the man whose
    motorcycle you fucked up.. You and I both know what that was all about,
    don't we ? Yessir.. you and Renegade Motorcycles are going to get a
    whole heap of publicity over this little deal.. Brian Walker just
    happens to be my son, but you could have me to deal with over any other
    good biker that you've fucked around..

    Renegade Motorcycles and the Mike Thompsons give all legitimate deal-
    ers a bad name.. It's time to expose every one of you sleazy operators..

    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  12. Dusty

    Brian Walker Guest

    Or better yet, you could have a free trip and not have to worry about
    writing anything on to your business....something like breeding
    gerbils or something....
    Brian Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  13. Dusty

    Mike Guest

    Keep posting Bill, I'm printing them out as fast as I can.
    Mike, Jun 18, 2007
  14. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    Good.. lol.. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.. People are hearing
    about Mike Thompson and Renegade Motorcycles .. from El Paso to
    Texarkana and from Port Arthur to Wichita Falls.. all points in between..

    My e-mail Inbox is full and I've spent the last four hours trying to sort
    of it out.. whew.. Didn't know you could be famous over a weekend, huh ?

    I got a newsflash for you.. It's going to get worse..

    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  15. Dusty

    chornbe Guest

    Welcome to the crowd.
    chornbe, Jun 18, 2007
  16. Dusty

    Ed Hart Guest

    Dusty,you goin' to big bend with us?
    Ed Hart, Jun 18, 2007
  17. Dusty

    BryanUT Guest


    Bill W. has taken his vendetta against you over to See the
    thread "I hit a deer" post this a.m.

    You may want to add it to your collection of printouts.

    BTW, my wife works for a chain of auto repair shops and gets customer
    complaints all the time. You've manned up and offered to remedy the
    situation, even offering to buy the bike.


    BryanUT, Jun 18, 2007
  18. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    ROTFL.. You and MIke Thompson have definitely got yourself a
    Walker problem.. Your first problem is that you are a broke assed
    sumbitch, trying to buy a motorcyle without any money.. One of the
    Walker's nailed your broke ass on that one and wouldn't sell you a
    motorcycle.. Second problem you got is that you don't know the
    difference between San Antonio and the DFW metroplex before
    you start playing usenet.. LMAO.. Stay tuned.. there will be more..
    I understand that web site of yours is being scrutinized by some
    pretty computer savvy old boys that can spot a phony.. I'm sure
    to be getting some feedback on that one, later today..

    Mike Thompson.. aka Renegade Motorcycles has got a little more
    serious problem.. He tried to run a scam on that same motorcycle..
    That motorcycle is back where it belongs and the man ol'Mike tried
    to run the scam on, is about to run his sorry ass out of business..
    That is happening about six years too late..

    LOL.. There has been a couple of reports that Renegade Motor-
    cycles was a beehive of activity over the weekend.. All those
    home made looking and junk motorcycles have virtually disappear-
    ed off that property.. Guess ol' Mike Thompson was getting the
    place cleared out before the Mesquite police dept. decided to
    pay him a little visit.. The dumb sumbitch still thinks he needs a
    portfolio to take to court.. Court is the least of his problems.. hmmm
    Bet you don't even know where Mesquite, Tx is.. do you ? Here's
    a clue.. It ain't anywhere around San Antonio..
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  19. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    Dusty seems to be a nice enough guy.. but, I was trying to remember
    the last time I read any kind of contribution from him..
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
  20. Dusty

    Bill Walker Guest

    Gawdammit Ed.. STFU.. You are still all wet and besides.. there
    ain't no brisket and beans near Big Bend..
    Bill Walker, Jun 18, 2007
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