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Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Louie, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Louie

    Louie Guest

    X-No-archive: yes

    Look, this is usenet. If Texdays sent the email or not, so what! If he
    had sent it to me and it was true, I'd be pissed he told it. If it
    wasn't true, so what.

    During a fight someone gets kicked in the nuts. Scum or just trying to win?

    When someone throws punches at almost everyone that comes by, without
    knowing who they are, mental state, etc. They can expect an occasional
    kick in the nuts. Walker 'may' have been kicked in the nuts.

    Texdays didn't send the email without being punched, if he even sent it.
    Now, if Texdays can't take a punch, he should stay out of newsgroups. In
    that regard, Texday and Walker have something in common.

    I suggest more exposure to society and an observer .....louie
    Louie, Dec 14, 2004
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  2. Louie

    Brian Walker Guest

    .....louie, you're still a moron....over.

    Now, go back to waiting for those bikers to ride up and piss in your yard.
    Brian Walker, Dec 14, 2004
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  3. Louie

    Bill Walker Guest

    LMAO... must be getting desperate .. "Usenet".. whew..that's a surprise to
    everyone.. Since it's "usenet".. must be justification ? hmmm.. don't
    think so..

    If Texdays sent the email or not, so what! If he
    The "not" isn't speculation anymore, except for you and one other "poster"..

    "Win" .. what ? Obviously.. you haven't been to many real life "nut
    That's been the "idea" .. huh ? Remember.. this is "usenet".. All that
    usenet nut-kickin' goes two ways.. hmmm... you've still not responded to the
    little challenge to produce the posts I've made that offends you most.. Best
    I can recall, this is the first post that you've ever initiated .. Since you
    named me in this post, I've responded to it.. So far as I recall, I've never
    even directed a post to "Louie"..
    If Texdays got "punched", he asked for it, just the way he kept demanding
    that his e-mail be posted.. Again.. all this "usenet punching" works two
    Got news for you there, sport.. Texdays doesn't have a damn thing in common
    with Bill Walker.. I've never attacked anyone's family on this group..
    Regardless of whether it's "usenet" or not, there are limits of decency.. If
    he'd posted that trash on this newsgroup, he'd have been laughed at.. Too
    many people on this group know me and my son personally.. Texdays didn't
    believe that e-mail still existed, much less would be posted..
    ROTFL... whatever that means..For what it's worth.. I've said that Texdays,
    like you .. are "carrying water" for someone else.. There are a great many
    people on this newsgroup, who are "real" people and not just participating
    here to impress anyone with their phony posturing .. For what it's worth,
    some of us are actually working to make a difference.. This forum is a means
    to do that.. There are also a lot of others who participate behind "aliases"
    and phony representations for their own little agendas.. When they are
    exposed as phonies, they all resort to accusing, attacking and will stoop to
    whatever level to discredit or humiliate . I've given you a lot more credit
    than you probably deserve, in this response.. Part of that credit is the
    fact that you've finally initiated a "post".. Take that credit for what it's
    worth.. "Carry your own water"..

    Bill Walker
    Irving, Tx.
    Bill Walker, Dec 14, 2004
  4. Louie

    The Family Guest

    To me, Usenet is based in conflict, at least some topics are.

    Look at the political NG's, they're still raging.

    Recently, I've heard(just hearsay, no factual reference) that some
    companies are tracking users(both Usenet and web blogs) that are
    making accusations against a former employer(a common tactic).

    This is clearly grounds for action, just as if it the accusation had
    been printed in the newspaper(although probably not as profitable).

    I don't know the story behind this riff, but it sounds like someone
    might have a pretty strong position as the plaintiff in a libelous action.

    I guess you might even be able to file this in small claims court?

    File a "John Doe" suit, to produce the subpoena for defendant
    identification. Take the subpoena to the ISP, get the accusers
    details, amend the suit with the details, they're served, and you're
    in business.

    If one is really serious about this defamation, this is the way to
    run it into the ditch, real quick.

    Gary Walker

    Some of these references may be from outside the U.S.


    And many other references....
    The Family, Dec 14, 2004
  5. Louie

    Bill Walker Guest

    It took almost a year to "run this one into the ditch".. In some of my other
    posts and responses, I've attempted to put the thing to rest.. Guess that
    ain't hapnin'. Most providers and ISP's aren't interested in what goes on in
    newsgroups.. Or, so I've heard from ones with more experience than I have..

    I'm not big on legal actions and all that stuff, much prefer to deal with
    personal matters my own way.. I did and I will continue to do so..I'd
    furthur suggest that Texdays finally got a hard dose of medicine that is
    long overdue.. If you pay close attention, he's done this same crap in other
    newsgroups.. It finally caught up to him.. If he has any pride or dignity
    left, he'll either respond like a man (which he isn't) or he'll just fade
    away, again..

    Also .. you might keep in mind that I offered a simple solution to the
    entire shameful mess.. he ignored it.. Texdays did it to himself, by
    insisting that I produce the e-mail.. He got what he asked for..

    Your friend in Irving
    Bill Walker
    Bill Walker, Dec 14, 2004
  6. Louie

    The Family Guest

    OK, that's fine. Just an alternative....

    Gary Walker
    The Family, Dec 14, 2004
  7. Louie

    Brian Walker Guest

    Actually, that sounds like something I might be able to use here. I recall
    Johnny Moron claiming in this group that I neglected my daughter and caused
    her death.

    I guess I'll check into that in a little while by going down to the jp's
    office and seeing what it would take to file such an action. Since I know
    where his ISP is and have a good relationship with many...except one...that
    might be worth looking into.
    Brian Walker, Dec 14, 2004
  8. Louie

    The Family Guest

    Good! I'm glad that may help, but understand, you don't need a
    good relationship with the ISP. If a JP(small claims) court will
    support such an action, the ISP will be obligated to comply.

    I do recall that thread some time ago, it was way out of line, even
    for Usenet.

    Good Luck to ya'

    Gary Walker
    The Family, Dec 14, 2004
  9. Louie

    Brian Walker Guest

    Brian Walker, Dec 14, 2004
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