Buying Tips For Motorbike Leather Jackets

Discussion in 'General Motorbike Discussion' started by cobija, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Dec 20, 2010
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    We hereby submit you some important Tips for buying a good Motorbike Leather Jacket. The main purpose for wearing leather jacket is protecting your body in case any mishap and accident.

    1- When you purchase leather jacket you must see that it is quite fit.

    2- The jacket must be comfortable when riding and suitable for both summer and winter

    3- The sleeves of jacket should be long to cover your wrists when holding the handle bars and it should be roomy in the shoulders for ease of movement.

    4- The neck should be snug but not restrictive and the wrists and waist should have closures to
    keep out the wind.

    5- Sufficient padding is necessary; jackets are usually padded at the elbows, back and
    shoulders. Padding may be extra material or better still plastic inserts or reinforced Kevlar.

    6- The most motorcycle jackets have plenty of pockets. Opt for ones with flaps as wind can get through zippers unless they have material patches if the back or front.

    7- Inner pockets are useful for keeping your wallet and cash in.

    8- The removable insulated liners are great for using the jacket in cold weather. The vents are vital to allow you to be cool in the summer.

    9- Leather is very warm so you will be overheated in the summer season unless there is a way to allow air circulation in the jacket. The black color is a traditional color for motorcycle jackets and although it look good.

    10- In the winter season, you require maximum protection from the elements. A jacket that is cut long, below the hip is better at keeping out the wind and cold.

    11- Heavy insulation, often in the form of removable linings is needed and the jacket should be adjustable to give a snug fit at wrists, waist and neck to keep out the wind and cold.
    cobija, Dec 20, 2010
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