carb upgrade advice required (long post)

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by messenger1, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. messenger1

    messenger1 Guest

    Hi again all, I did well with good advice/answers to my last question so
    here's another:) I have a set of 36mm cv carbs from a 1992 GSXR750, which I
    purchased based on the sellers "will bolt directly onto a KZ1000 for an
    immediate performance upgrade" listing. They will not bolt directly onto my
    82 KZ1000M engine. Aside from the fact that the throats are considerably
    larger than the intake ports, they don't come anywhere near lining up. If I
    force the centre 2 onto the stock kz carb boots/mounts, I would require 2
    boots/mounts with an approx 15 degree offset for the outside carbs. The nos
    boots I have do not have enough give in them to force fit and maintain an
    airtight seal.

    First question is.....anyone have any idea what other model/year Kawasaki
    boots might fit, with an offset built into them, that I could interchange
    ( I have nowhere available that I could sit and sift through a bin with
    original in hand to try match them up)?

    Second question, would I be negating any performance gain by incorporating
    this offset?

    Third question, the engine is going into an original KZ750 frame, my stock
    750 carbs will fit the 1000 engine perfectly, would the performance gains of
    the 36mm carbs versus the stock 750 carbs be worth this hassle?


    Tom B
    messenger1, Jun 26, 2004
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