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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by Chris Cavin, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Chris Cavin

    Chris Cavin Guest

    MotoGP yesterday was pretty good, though it's apparent that several things
    are now becoming predestined:

    1) If Sete makes an early break, he will not be able to extend.

    2) Rossi will pull out a late race pass and break the passee's will with a
    couple of unmatchable laps.

    3) Max will finish off the podium 90% of the time.

    4) Melandri will finish on the podium 90% of the time.

    5) Hayden will show great promise, then fall just short of delivering.

    6) Edwards will be slower than Rossi.

    Even so, the racing is much more exciting to watch than the MS domination in
    F1 of the past several years (this year's F1 excepted).

    Chris Cavin, Jun 13, 2005
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  2. Chris Cavin

    David Guest

    Melandri is having a very good season so far, but I can't help feeling
    that his decision making needs some maturing. On more than one
    occasion this season I've had the distinct impression that Marco would
    rather dice it up with whoever is around him while the riders just
    ahead disappear into the distance. At times he seems intent on making
    a lot of spectacular passes which just slow him and the others down
    when he should be concentrating on drafting with someone to catch or
    keep up with the leaders. He even put the moves on Sete while the two
    of them were at the front when they should have worked together to
    pull away from Rossi. If it were just one occurrence I wouldn't pay
    much attention but it seems like I've noted this tendency during
    several races this year, however I can't cite many specific examples
    since I don't have the races recorded.
    David, Jun 14, 2005
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  3. Chris Cavin

    Chris Cavin Guest

    That was kind of my point if I didn't say as much.

    Those two were meant to be at least partially tongue-in-cheek. It just kind
    of feels that way sometimes.

    Chris Cavin, Jun 14, 2005
  4. Chris Cavin

    Chris Cavin Guest

    Something occured to me when they flashed the tire choices during the race.
    Hayden ran a soft front, Sete a medium and Rossi a hard. Since Nicky came
    from a dirt tracking background and is, generally speaking, fond of riding
    the thing on the back end, do you suppose he doesn't use the front of the
    motorcycle enough? Sort of the way Max has always been characterized as
    using the front too much, Nicky maybe uses it too little. If he really
    expected a soft front to last the race on a known tire-abusing track, can he
    really be pushing the front as much as he could? I can't remember him ever
    really sticking it up the inside trying to make a pass the way some of the
    other riders do. Maybe his larges improvement could come from learning to
    push the front when required to.

    Chris Cavin, Jun 14, 2005
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