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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by pablo, Mar 20, 2005.

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    ....the big question is how motivated these guys really are to win the
    bragging rights here, because that's all it means. I have a feeling it does
    not really matter much to them, and that it is more of a media event to get
    things started. One thing is for sure: a BMW 1-series is not much of a
    coveted price for these guys. Gibernau will probably give it to the guy that
    mops the team's garage as a bonus.

    So Gibernau scores the best time in his home circuit. Not exactly a stunning
    surprise -perhaps the margin is?-, and probably not much of an indication of
    much more than the fact that things are going to be competitive. Biaggi's
    best time of the weekend still would have had him second or so, I think,
    thus his result today is not an indication of much except of the fact that
    he probably was focused on trying other things and could not be bothered to
    take the QP too seriously. Rossi's "miraculous" recovery could be read as
    him trying to play poker all weekend and psyching out the Honda camp by
    snatching things off them last minute, leaving them wondering what hit
    them - and in that case it would be telling that things did not work out
    that way for him. It might be an indication that indeed Honda's might in
    resources will count this year, and that they're making sure their guys have
    a significant equipment advantage - which we all agree they are going to
    need to put an end to the Rossi title-certificate printing-shop.

    Good to see young guys slowly but surely replacing the old guard in MotoGP.
    Hayden looks ready to displace someone out of the established
    Rossi-Gibernau-Biaggi top 3, in my opinion. The fact Tamada, Melandri and
    Hopkins (and Hayden in third, of course) placed ahead of the 30-plus crowd
    may speel good things for the process of renewal in MotoGP. Rossi needs a
    new set of challengers that are hungrier and haven't internalized placing
    behind Rossi as doing as well as they'll ever do.

    Talking about things people do, Checa continued his venerable tradition of
    kissing the soil of his home country upon arrival. Roberts low-sided on a
    fast turn, and was seriously toddes around in the sand-trap.

    There was some serious sliding action going on - Hayden had a great
    controlled one, and either Gibernau or Melandri (not sure which one) looked
    a whisker away from high-siding it in one sequence...

    All in all, no surprises. I am not sure this meant all that much, anyhow.
    It's what happens in April these guys are serious about. The good news is
    that they all look very ready...

    pablo, Mar 20, 2005
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