Changes in Motorcycle Safety Classes

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by John Beck, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. John Beck

    John Beck Guest

    So are you guys aware of the changes in the Motorcycle Safety Classes in

    They used to be run by the California Motorcycle Safety Program (which
    was "supervised" by the CHP) - they were CMSP, not MSF classes, they
    merely used MSF materials. As of Jan 2004, the classes are being run
    by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. So those of us who kept calling
    them MSF classes will finally be technically correct!! [NOTE: some
    might think that the CSMP was dumped to save money, but it actually made
    a tiny bit of profit!!]

    I beleive (but am not sure) that passing the BRC still gets one out of
    taking the riding test at the DMV, but the course structure has been
    re-vamped. One change is talking about crashes: under CMSP they
    avoided and discussion of motorcycle crashes (tried to keep the class
    up-beat), now they go into detail about crashes and what leads to crashes.

    As far as range work (which is the most important part of it, IMHO) I
    think most of the exercises remain unchanged. [Although, I wish they
    would have raised the bar a bit - when I took the BRC I almost started
    screaming out of boredom for the first range day. The "Buddy Push" is
    humiliating.] I am not sure about changes to the exam - when I find
    out more I'll let ya all know.
    John Beck, Jan 27, 2004
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  2. Actually not all of the motorcycle classes were run by the CMSP. Some
    really were MSF. The class I took was held at Mountain View-Los Altos
    High School, and was MSF. In fact I never even heard of the CMSP until
    a few months later when a friend told me that was the course she'd
    Denise Howard, Jan 27, 2004
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  3. John Beck

    Dan Carter Guest

    I wasn't aware of the change. Under CMSP, classes were given by
    independent businesses staffed by MSF-certified instructors who taught
    MSF curriculum. And the state partially subsidized training for riders
    under 21, who are required to pass the class to be get their license.

    Neither the CMSP website (, the CHP website
    (, nor the MSF website
    ( says anything about a change. And a Google
    search didn't turn up anything either. Can you provide any more
    Dan Carter, Jan 27, 2004
  4. Actually, just having been through the instructor update
    I can tell you that there are less exercises overall.
    I think the old RSS was 22, the BRC is 17.

    Many exercises have been incorporated into one,
    and some have been dropped all together. (including
    the mentioned "buddy push")

    Also, classroom instruction has changed. There
    are updated videos (finally) and some more
    interactive ways to engage students. (no,
    not more armchair exercises)

    Leigh Ann Chen, Jan 27, 2004
  5. John Beck

    Kelly Hall Guest

    I sort of liked the buddy push. Granted, it took a fair amount of effort to
    get my fat body moving enough to get my buddy up to speed. Still, I liked
    being able to use find and use the brakes while the engine was off.

    Kelly Hall, Jan 27, 2004
  6. I just got done with the BRC/MSF update too.


    No buddy push, no armchairs, much better class room format, surmounting
    obstacles (2x4's) shifting into 3rd! ohmygawd, and in a turn too!

    double u turns in a 20' rectangle, the sharp corners where you pulled the
    clutch in and coasted through are gone, etc. Overall it is much more many times have you done a sharp corner with the clutch in
    out there in the real world?

    I was and am very impressed. The videos are all different except for the
    drinking one, but they are still using the two at the start with the couple
    that go over gear and controls, they have not finished those. And the
    videos are 5 minutes, much shorter.

    highly recommended....

    the ERC looks to be a lot better too.

    MSF/CMSP in Cloverdale
    David P. Russell, Jan 27, 2004
  7. John Beck

    John Beck Guest

    When did you take the course? I ask because a buddy of mine has been
    teaching through Los Altos/MV Adult education (the ones who do the class
    at LA/MVHS) for a while and he gave me the inside scoop on this (FYI:
    his name is Larry Green, in case he taught any of you). Last November
    they told them that they were cancelling the CMSP and going to let MSF
    run the courses.

    BTW: The subsidy for < 21yo riders taking the course comes from your &
    my motorcycle registration fees. It will still be subsidized for < 21

    John Beck, Jan 28, 2004
  8. John Beck

    Dan Carter Guest

    Thanks for the correction.
    That might explain a few things I've noticed recently. Both the CMSP
    website URL and content have changed, and the 1-800-CCRIDER number for
    class offerings has been changed to 1-877-RIDE-411.

    I take the ERC every few years, but it's been 3 since my last, I think.
    I'll be interested to find out if the ERC has been updated too.
    Dan Carter, Jan 28, 2004
  9. Let's see....7 years ago this month. A guy named Bob Jones was running
    it at the time.

    One day a photographer showed up on the range (parking lot) and took
    some pictures, including one of me and another gal with big smiles and
    holding our helmets while sitting on the bikes. A couple of years
    later the photo showed up in the adult ed catalog. :)
    Denise Howard, Jan 29, 2004
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