Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by THUFIR HAWAT, Dec 11, 2012.



    How do you know that your charging system works? Basically, if the voltage on the batter reads above 13 when the throttle is twisted?

    It's a chinese clone of a Honda, 49cc. Just trying to determine whether the batter is the problem or not.


    THUFIR HAWAT, Dec 11, 2012
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    User Bp Guest

    13.5 is minimum, 14.5 is a good maximum. Over about 15 volts will
    cause problems.

    For more details look at Electrosport's website:

    Good luck,

    bob prohaska
    User Bp, Dec 11, 2012
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  3. For about $10 or so, you can get a 6 LED monitor, where
    each LED lights up at a specific voltage (12, 12.5 ...14).
    Find a point in the wiring where there's voltage only when
    the bike's turned on and hook up here. Makes a very nice
    monitor while you're riding and gives you full time info
    on how the charging system's doing.

    A good starting point in your troubleshooting would be to
    get the battery charged and load tested. After it's charged,
    you should see it holding 12.4-12.5 volts or so. If it can't
    hold this kind of voltage you may need a new battery.

    Also, take a very careful look at the battery cable connections.
    A loose + or - cable can fool you into thinking you have a
    bad battery or charging system.
    Rob Kleinschmidt, Dec 12, 2012
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