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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Nigel Allen, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Nigel Allen

    Nigel Allen Guest


    Just stopped in at Sydney City Motorcycles and picked up a new helmet to
    replace the one the nice old gent in the Mercedes helped me to bounce
    off the asphalt.

    Shark helmets have just introduced a really nice lid with a built in
    flip out tinted visor (behind the clear one).

    This means that the previous range has been reduced - my $429.95 Shark
    cost me $250.00.

    The sale (there's a lot of other stuff too) is one until the end of the
    month I believe - at all branches and online. No, I don't work for them.

    Nigel Allen, Jun 23, 2011
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  2. Nigel Allen

    DM Guest

    So that explains it!
    The insurance quote to replace my recently bounced shark helmet was
    way under the RRP listed in the bike shop.
    Guess I'll get them to mail me a new one rather than a cheque. Bike
    shop in town is sticking to RRP.

    DM, Jun 23, 2011
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