Choke Adjustment for Fast Idle Setting?

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Matt Stecher, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Matt Stecher

    Matt Stecher Guest

    I am putting my carbs back together again and trying to figure out if the
    choke lever (when fully applied) is giving me the proper fast idle setting.
    The fast idle link right now is only bumping the pulley about 1/8".

    How do I figure out how much fast idle is enough?

    I can see needing more because my idle adjusting screw can easily take up
    that and more.

    And how do I adjust it on my 1981 KZ750-E2?

    I will most likely mount the carbs tomorrow and just see what happens, but
    it would be nice to know what I need to do if it will not start properly.

    Matt Stecher, Oct 8, 2004
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  2. That should be plenty... You only need to open the throttle a crack to
    have a fast idle..
    Sportster4Eva, Oct 8, 2004
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