CL350 Carb Problems.

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Fred Flintstone, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. So I bought some after market carbs for my 72 CL350 from SUDCO. I had
    some problems with the carbs fitting into the carb holders. The one on
    the left actually fell out of the carb holder while riding. Seems to
    me they should fit as well as the old carbs at least.

    Also another odd problem. Only one side of the bike was running, the
    left side. I disconnected the right spark plug cable, and as soon as I
    moved it say 1 inch away from the plug, you could see the spark
    jumping the gap, and all of a sudden that side of the engine starting
    firing. But once you put the plug wire back on, it stops that cylander
    from firing.

    Any ideas?


    Kriss Tariske
    yucaipa, ca
    Fred Flintstone, Sep 25, 2007
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  2. Fred Flintstone

    B-] Guest

    What are they, VM-style slide valve carbs, or what? Sudco has adapters
    in their catalog, you just need to know what the spigot diameter of
    your new carbs is.
    They won't fit if the spigot diameter is smaller. If you cannot find
    the correct diameter adapters, wrap two or three layers of silicone
    rubber tape around each spigot to take up the space.
    Swap the plugs and see if the symptoms move to the other cylinder.

    The indication is low voltage and slow voltage rise time. The bad
    spark plug is leaking voltage across the insulator nose faster than
    the collapsing electromagnetic field can built the voltage up.

    Also, clean and reset the ignition points to get as much current as
    possible into the coil.
    B-], Sep 25, 2007
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  3. Hey, thanks for the tips.

    The only thing on the carbs? the spiget on the inlet side of the carb
    is too BIG, not to small. It falling out was because of the
    compression of the rubber forcing it out. I think i might make shift a
    bracket to the carbs to HOLD them in once I figure out the spark plug
    problem. The point are probably off, the carbs are probably crap.

    But thanks for your help.

    Fred Flintstone, Oct 18, 2007

    It ain't rocket science.

    too rich
    too lean
    just right

    Adequate compression

    Good spark
    yes but at the wrong time.
    Rob Kleinschmidt, Oct 19, 2007
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