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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by deadmail, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. deadmail

    deadmail Guest

    Well, following from previous installments from my stables here's the
    third; hopefully the last in the current gang of four (ZXR750-
    electrical failure, K75 slight prangette, K75- stupidity-based failure).

    The K100's been whiffing of petrol a bit for the last six months. I
    finally got around to looking at it. It *seemed* that the petrol tank
    may have been leaking at one of its mounting points (not unknown
    apparently). So, since I happen to have a few spares (three fairings,
    one bike, two tanks etc. etc. etc.) I thought it might make sense to
    swap the tank. Did this on Wednesday morning.

    Rode to work, it seemed a little short of puff (e.g. wouldn't pull more
    than 110, normally I'd expect 115) but it's almost done 120k so not
    surprising. On the way home at about 8 it started to get slower. and
    slower. and, well, you can guess the rest. I ended up down to 40 on
    the M4 but managed to get off the motorway and struggled towards
    civilisation (or what passes for it- Chippenham.) Made it to a petrol
    station on a wing and a prayer. Eventually it would *just* tick over
    but would not rev at all, ended up walking about 1/2 a mile with the
    bike running just about pulling itself (good job I'm fit[1])

    Based on the coughing, spluttering and general kangaroo behaviour I
    blamed fuel. Since I'd swapped the tank for one that had been standing
    for 2 years I blamed the fuel pump (integral to the tank). So I got my
    brother to bring me the leaky tank and a selection of tools. On a
    petrol forecourt I changed the fuel pump. Started, revved it and lo and
    behold it went to 6k, fantastic.

    Filled with fuel and... fucking cunting thing wouldn't rev again.
    Pushed out of petrol station in a sulk and thought I'd try and limp
    home. Ended up pushing the fucker for another 1/2 mile (this time
    without the engine helping). Got abso fucking lutely soaked (kept my
    helmet on because I was angry and fuming... wanted to punish myself for

    Ended up calling my father out and dragging it home in the cattle box.
    Got to sleep at 1. Up at 4.00 for a flight to .de; took K1100, 100
    miles to Heathrow in 1:05 including fuelling up and going through 40
    zone. Allegedly.

    So... fast forward to saturday and I'm in my garage analysing the cause
    of failure...
    Try to start- refuses.
    Look at fuel flow from pump/filter (inside tank); fine.
    Strip down to look at fuel flow out of tank...

    ARRGGHHHHHH fucking petrol pipe's kinked. God knows why it took 100
    miles to fail but it did. Wobble pipe and it starts.

    ****. I'd put long pipes on so I could move tank about without
    disconnecting. Cut pipe to correct length.

    Looks like the K100's back in the working stable.

    [1] Gratuitously boastful footnote- I'm competing in an indoor
    triathalon style event at the works gym; 5km run (22:10), 10km cycle
    (15:16), 2k row (8:02). Overall just over 45 minutes and that's with a
    slightly fucked foot following 'crash'. Unfortunately it's not fast
    enough; someone else has posted 44 dead. I've got to work on the run...
    this is going to hurt.
    deadmail, Oct 28, 2006
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  2. deadmail

    Hog Guest

    I'm completely revising my opinion of you.
    The loose wheel, the lack of toolkit and now you change an
    IN-FUCKING-TANK fuel pump before just checking the fuel lines.

    It's only a matter of time before you destroy your knees
    Hog, Oct 28, 2006
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  3. deadmail

    deadmail Guest

    To be fair, it had done >100 miles before it failed and 90 of those with
    no real problem. In 25+ years of fucking around with bikes I've never
    had this problem before.
    You'll have to explain this bit.
    deadmail, Oct 28, 2006
  4. deadmail

    Hog Guest

    You were telling us about your Triathlete activities, why should it be
    Hog, Oct 28, 2006
  5. deadmail

    deadmail Guest

    Ah. Good point.

    It won't be knees, it'll probably be hips.
    deadmail, Oct 28, 2006
  6. deadmail

    muddy cat Guest

    It's the knees, trust me.
    muddy cat, Oct 28, 2006
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