Comms Helmet ?

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by i-Central, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. i-Central

    i-Central Guest

    Has anyone come across a helmet that is capable of transmitting via
    bluetooth or radio ?

    I'm sure I saw an offtheshelf version for megabuck with internal cooling
    systems in some mag.

    Anyone else see that ?

    If no such animal exists would anyone be interested in throwing in their 2
    cents worth so we can have one made.

    Troy Ellis
    i-Central, Sep 6, 2004
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  2. For theeese valuable informations you weeel need to bribe me!!!

    Wots the staff rate on a HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5550 ?? and will it
    accept MS Autoroute 2004 software. I'm reasonably sure it will match
    up with most GPS receivers.

    Drop me a line to dave(at) and don't send it here
    because all these greedy mongrels will be queueing up for a cheeeeep


    Kind regards
    Dave Milligan
    Dave Milligan, Sep 6, 2004
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  3. i-Central

    RoY Guest

    first thing is this is my first post to this group so be easy on me :)

    I haven't seen a Bluetooth setup for helmet around but if you can find model
    with headphones connected to transmission device via wire length or plug
    your cooking with gas. that way you can mount transmission hub with Velcro
    on outside of helmet & run headphone wires into helmet. most helmet padding
    will pull away around straps so you can place headphones inside with small
    amount of glue.

    there is radio wave setups but you asked about Bluetooth which is better
    because headset will just switch between mobile & pda signals without having
    to use switch over comm device.
    RoY, Sep 6, 2004
  4. i-Central

    GB Guest

    Closest thing I've seen is a 'bluetooth headset' that
    had an earpiece at the end of wire, about 30-40cm
    away from the magic box bit, that could be clipped
    onto clothing, etc, etc (as opposed to one of those
    self-contained on-the-ear things that probably
    wouldn't fit in a helmet).

    The aforesaid headset was a made-in-Singapore
    jobbie at a trade show, looking for local dealers.

    I stopped shopping for one of them when I got a
    Nokia 6600 which has hands free built in - can have
    a convo on the telephone without needing to take the
    helmet off. (I'm not recommending the nokia 6600,
    the hands free is probably it's only redeeming
    feature. get a 6100 instead, it sucks less)

    GB, Sep 6, 2004
  5. i-Central

    sanbar Guest

    Aah, a subject close to my heart. Been looking to haq this project for
    some time now, with earlier attempts restricted by the high cost of
    Bluetooth gear (I can handle fsking up something worth $100, but at $250 a
    headset when I was looking at them, no way). Problems with modern
    bluetooth shitzniz is they're mono channel, no stereo. You also need to
    build in a cutoff, so that when the UHF radio cuts in, the AM/FM radio
    falls silent. The next problem is batteries: unless you want to be
    constantly going through LiON button batteries, more than likely you'll
    need an external battery pack to power the helmet, which means an external
    wire. Another option is an 802.11x/bluetooth unit (older iPaq or
    something) on the bike, but again rpblems arise because you need to power
    it (for 802.11x - pretty much just Bluetooth on steroids - power
    consumption is pretty high). But you still have the
    Bluetooth-in-the-helmet-chewing-through-the-batteries problem. I'd love to
    make one, but I've settled with a homebrew wired system that is
    functional, cheap to repair when things stuff up, and rock solid.I've
    hooked the AM/FM and UHF radios up to it, but the next project is getting
    the phone fed in on the circuit somehow. I'm thinking it's just a matter
    of haqing a hands-free unit.

    As an aside, I built an MP3 player for the car out of an old 486DX I had
    sitting around. The system would boot when I started the car, connect
    wirelessly with the server inside the house, dump an MP3 playlist, and
    play. I wanted to get an iPaq to allow song selection, but I rooted the
    harddisk pretty severely. Not sure they're meant to bounce around in the
    back of a car, so next attempt will need to be a solid-state system. I
    also tried an 802.11b wireless connection between the bike and the house.
    It was good while the bike was stationary up to about 3km LOS (a 5dBi omni
    on the bike and an 8dBi omni at home) but shit while the bike was moving.
    I had a webcam mounted on the bike, attempting to stream stuff back to the
    house. Again it was shite while the bike was moving, OK when the bike was

    - sanbar of the willing-to-try-a-bluetooth-haq
    sanbar, Sep 6, 2004
  6. i-Central

    sanbar Guest

    /me waits for the "shit yer, give it a shot" post of encouragement ...
    sanbar, Sep 9, 2004
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