Congress May Limit Your SUV Pickup Truck Choices!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by Ron, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Most motorcyclists have an SUV or Pickup - - well, watch out - Congress may
    limit your choices - ACT NOW!

    The US Senate is going to vote Tuesday July 29 on amendments to the Energy
    Bill that

    could leave you without the kinds of pickup trucks and SUVs millions of
    Americans have come to enjoy.. It only takes 30 seconds to act now and send
    a note to your senator with a few mouse clicks.


    Send Your Message At (cut and paste this into your web browser):


    Oh Brother... It's Big Brother!! America's 24 million SUV owners are under

    again. A pair of liberal, U.S. Senators has fallen in lock step with the
    extremists who

    are dead set on dictating what kind of vehicle you drive. And they have your
    SUV on the

    most wanted list.California's Sen. Diane Feinstein and Illinois' Sen.
    Richard Durbin are licking their liberal chops at the prospect of passing
    amendments to the Energy Bill that would essentially force SUVs, pickups and
    minivans to meet standards equal to cars.

    We all want better mileage but unrealistic government mandates will lead to
    serious tradeoffs that most people don't want: vehicles that cost more, are
    smaller, less powerful, less safe, and far less useful.Picture the smallest
    SUV or pickup you've ever seen and that's the type that consumers would be
    left with. But that's not stopping elitist liberals, Hollywood millionaires
    or radical enviro-terrorists from claiming to know better than you what kind
    of automobile to drive. They don't care that SUV fuel economy has improved
    by 40%. They snub many hard-working Americans who consider SUVs, pickups and
    vans essential for work, like our hometown rescue squads and law enforcement
    units. They dismiss the fact that SUVs are as safe as cars. All they care
    about is taking away your vehicle, your choice and your freedom.

    These reckless amendments threaten the very existence of SUVs, pickups and
    vans and

    roadway safety. If the Feinstein or Durbin amendments pass then you, your

    and your roadway neighbors are at risk because the proposed standards would

    extreme, unsafe, fuel economy levels for SUVs, minivans and pickups.

    yet-to-be invented automotive engineering advances is as irresponsible as
    legislating a

    cure for cancer. It's a legislative menace to the safety of America's
    highways and it's

    millions of SUV, minivan and light truck drivers and passengers. Cars are
    not trucks!

    You can do something about it. We need to put the brakes on these dangerous
    amendments immediately. There is no time to lose. Congress will vote on the
    Feinstein and Durbin amendments as early as Tuesday, July 29 and we need you
    to take action against these destructive proposals NOW before it's too late.

    The Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America (SUVOA) is recruiting the 24

    American SUV owners and others who depend on pickups and vans to join the

    against these self-appointed Car Czars and their anti-SUV obsession. The
    first thing that must be done is to show Congress that we take our freedoms
    seriously. And that we take attacks on our freedoms even more seriously.

    Right now you can do that by signing a letter rejecting the irresponsible
    amendments proposed by Feinstein and Durbin and sending it to your two U.S.
    Senators. Together, we can stop this assault on our freedom to choose the
    vehicle that best meets our needs. Together, we can defeat absurd
    legislative proposals promoted by ambitious politicians and their willing
    special interest zealots. But we can only do it with you.

    Send Your Message At (cut and paste this into your web browser):
    Ron, Jul 27, 2003
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  2. Ron

    Kevin Arouza Guest

    I vote for anyone with an IQ less than 50 to be BANNED from driving
    SUVs, of course this includes all the soccer moms with cellphones in
    one hand, and attending to kids in the back seat with the other hand.
    Kevin Arouza, Aug 1, 2003
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