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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Marty H, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Marty H

    Marty H Guest

    Just have a call from Pete (Glitch) from NZ on their whirlwind tour of NZ
    and you could here the grin from ear to ear in his voice

    for those who don't know, Pete is one of the original Netriders from and organizes the best multi day rides (6 peaks, Beef'n'Reef) and
    now the best multi-week international rides, details for this ride at

    anyhow, all is well, but a drops a plenty have mared the ride
    Rob dropped the R1 at lowest speed in gravel and scratched up the side a
    fair bit, the peg bend back Ok and he is a little bruised but OK
    Sasha dropped the Guzzi in deep roadwork's gravel, but the panniers save the
    day, Sash walked away the a sore wrist and a bit of bruising, but all it
    Goodie lost a pannier at 100kmh, it was picked up and clicked straight back
    Pete is going well of the Strom
    Nigel has come and gone for 12 days on a hire 650GS
    Tim hanging in there with do problems
    and Jimbo survived his 1 week before crash in Hawaii to have a ball.

    Pete says the roads down there are incredible and they are all think of
    seeking asylum to say over there, it took them 4 hrs of Reefton Spur style
    roads to do 200km today and he said he was riding on the limit. Pete says
    the roads over they just don't let up, one moment of sightseeing and you can
    get in to trouble because the next corner is already upon you (and the
    problem is!!! :) )

    They are in Napier in the North Island tonight and have been down around the
    South Island and are heading back down there next week. They have their
    5000km!! oil and tyre change book in at Rotarua early next week.

    He apologies for the SMS not get to and from them, there is a major problem
    this Vodafone's Network there ATM

    they all should be back on the Easter WE

    Marty H, Mar 10, 2005
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  2. Marty H

    Jules Guest


    Sounds awesome ;-)
    Jules, Mar 10, 2005
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  3. Marty H

    Marty H Guest

    its John on the R1, not Rob

    Marty H, Mar 11, 2005
  4. We've all done that!
    Ya gotta expect that when you take road bikes onto difficult stretches
    of dirt road...and I think I know which road it was - I'm not
    surprised. Wairoa to Rotorua via Murupara on the East Coast of the
    North Island.

    Feckin glitch taking innocents into difficult dirt roads - to him they
    are easy. To us mere mortals they are bloody hard work.
    Maybe he knows that now!

    Didn't expect anything else! In his element.
    That's no surprise - the whole place (NZ) is like that. With lots of
    Think they're flying back on the same flight as me. Friday 25 March.

    I'm meeting them in Christchurch next Thursday or Friday to load their
    bikes for the return shipping journey.

    FWIW I have just unloaded another return shipment in Sydney last
    Wednesday and those NSW guys were so full of their experiences on the
    NZ roads and the scenery that when I went to the Ulysses AGM with my
    promotional trade stall I spent the whole week (7 - 12 March, I got
    home from Canberra at 11pm last night) answering hundreds of questions
    about NZ and handing out hundreds of copies of my paperwork to do with
    shipping Aussie motorcycles from Australia to NZ.

    The guys who started this storm of enquiry were 8 Ulysses members from
    Singleton whose bikes had just arrive back in Sydney. They rocked up
    at the Ulysses AGM and started skiting about their holiday in NZ.

    So much so that I have increased the shipments to 5 ex Melbourne, 5 ex
    Sydney (from 3 each) and 2 ex Brisbane (from none) all to Christchurch
    for next Summer. Dates ex Sydney & Melb are matching - i.e. the first
    shipments are the same dates in NZ and so on. The Brissie dates have
    not yet been decided but will be soon.

    Anyone interested for next Summer get in touch now as I expect the
    most popular shipments (bikes in NZ from late January till late
    February and late Feb till late March) to fill very quickly.

    Kind regards
    Dave Milligan
    Dave Milligan, Mar 13, 2005
  5. Marty H

    Gary Woodman Guest

    Must be my turn, someone lend me an R1...



    Mark Latham, former Leader of the Alternative Liberal Party:
    message to the business community is that Labor is pro-growth
    Gary Woodman, Mar 14, 2005
  6. Marty H

    Cam J Guest

    I bet the fall was worth it. This is the be best scenery in the NI, but
    really DRZ400 country.

    They're lucky they weren't eaten by the locals on the way out!
    Cam J, Mar 14, 2005
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