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Would I Put MicroTRAKgps CycleTRAK on my motorcyle?

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  1. microtrakgps cycletrak re

    microtrakgps cycletrak re

    Apr 22, 2009
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    Dallas Texas, Austin Tx
    There have been some questions on here about the MicroTRAK CycleTRAK Bike Down and Theft Recovery unit.

    I would like to answer some questionsthat have posted here as I am one of the Engineers for this product.

    It is correct that a few years back that GPS would not work well in a trailer or building.
    Todays CycleTRAK made by MicroTRAKgps is capable of getting GPS location not only in a Trailer it is able to get GPS in Buildings. The new technology in this unit uses some of the same GPS acquistion as the cell phones do so this is no longer a problem

    The newest revision is smaller than a deck of cards in your hand.

    If this device is on a Motorcycle it is able to send a tamper alert to your cell phone, received in less than 2 minutes, if someone so much as moves the bike off the kickstand.
    This could be done faster but a delay is programmed to allow an owner to start the bike for a period of time without this notification being sent. It will usually hit your cell phone in less than this time but want to place worse case senario with some cell providers.

    The unit has the On-STar feature that is monitored 24/7/365 by a call center that should an accident occur the rider is contacted and if needed or no answer 911 is sent to the location.
    If a bike is stolen with this product on it, the cycletrak unit sends its location every 3-4 seconds. This is a real time theft tracking device.

    There is a monthly charge for being able to send the alerts to your cell phone.
    Multiple cell phones can be set up as well for these alerts.

    If the device is placed on your bike as a theft unit, meaning you do not chose the alerts to your phone then there is no monthly charge. The unit is always tracking, acquiring GPS data but not sending it to the server system. If the Bike is stolen we active the unit to send this data within minutes of your phone call that the Bike was stolen.
    The device can log up to 1000 events, which is usually over 2 weeks of activity on a motorcycle. So if there is a delay in you knowing the bike was stolen it is still logging all activity and we are able to retrive this and know where the bike went.
    Microtrak works directly with the Law Enforcement Groups to Retrieve the Motorcycle.

    There are many other features to this product and if you have any questions feel free to post

    I would post the demo site for this but was not allowed to do so as I just became a registered member. Will post it as soon as this site allows me to.
    We are based out of Dallas Texas.

    CycleTRAK Safety for You and your Ride.
    microtrakgps cycletrak re, Apr 22, 2009
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