Dallas police set up to stop looters before they start

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Jim Bird, Apr 5, 2012.

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    DALLAS - Security was the concern Tuesday night after tornadoes
    tore apart homes and businesses in several parts of North Texas.

    There were a lot of neighborhoods without power, and a lot of
    homes completely exposed. Dallas Police Chief David Brown told
    News 8 he was worried about looting.

    DPD set up a command post at the Tommie Allen Recreation Center
    in South Dallas. It's close to where about 50 homes were damaged.

    The chief was worried that with street lights out, criminals may
    try to sneak in and loot damaged homes. So Dallas police brought
    in flood lights, along with extra officers, so they can patrol
    the damaged areas around-the-clock.

    They put roadblocks in place in some areas, and police tried to
    restrict access to devastated neighborhoods to residents.

    Officers realize disaster victims can be tempting targets to

    As we move into the recovery, the Dallas police had a quick

    Of course, they warned to avoid downed power lines, but also
    urged people to be careful with generators and power tools
    during the clean-up. Make sure generators are outside to avoid
    carbon monoxide poisoning, and when you start cleaning up
    Wednesday, use common sense with power tools.

    But the big concern Tuesday night was the lack of power in many

    If driving around in areas where street lights and traffic
    lights are out, police urge you to slow down and watch out for
    pedestrians or other cars.

    I wonder if Bobbi knows the police will post her blotter photo
    when she gets arrested for looting.
    Jim Bird, Apr 5, 2012
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