Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by BiffB, Apr 24, 2009.

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    Seems my newsgroup provider is effed up again. Bestiges!

    So anyway, looked at an ST1300 today. Asked the sales guy why he
    thought this bike was worth $500 more than Blue Book. He told me they
    used NADA for pricing, but after I pointed out some flaws on the bike,
    he agreed that the price was negotiable. So I told him I still had a
    Harley to look at, but gave him my contact info, came home, and
    googled up the NADA value. It's even lower than the Blue Book value,
    unless you include "options" like the hardbags and windscreen that are
    standard equipment on the bike. So next time I talk to the guy, it
    should be interesting.

    Got a 98 Fat Boy Anniversary Edition to look at hopefully this
    weekend. Does Harley even make a bike that isn't some sort of
    Anniversary Edition any more? Not sure how negotiable his price is,
    cause he's one of the buyers that we supply things for, so I can't
    really hammer him too much, lest there be workplace repercussions.

    Anybody know if the A.E. editions get any sort of engine upgrades, or
    is it all chrome and special decals? A factory 56 HP on a 600lb bike
    seems kinda crappy to me. Yeah yeah, I know, it has torque!

    If I buy a Harley, do I have to spend another $1000 in t-shirts and
    branded sunglasses and freaky ass Rocky Horror Picture show steel toed
    boots? I need to know so I can budget properly.

    Side note -
    Jerry, I tried to inquire about your predicament today, but the
    offending party had already left for the day. Will try to catch them
    in the smoking area tomorrow. Who the hell do these people think they
    are, leaving 15 minutes earlier than my 15 minutes early!

    Now I'm off to send an email to Norway, and see if the dude that
    massages the newsgroup servers forgot to put in the code to send
    messages again.

    BiffB, Apr 24, 2009
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