Decisions Decisions ( Large engined Cage Q)

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by entwisi, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    I know a few on here have experience of some of the following so all
    opinions etc welcome

    Basic spiel

    The Volvo has passed 200K and I've owned it longer than any other cage
    I've ever had and SWMBO is actually encouraging me to spend some money on
    a change. So, based on the following criteria I've sort of narrowed it to
    the following options but if you have any other options then feel free to
    add them.

    I cover 120 miles a day in a commute of mainly Motorway with ~ 15 miles
    of twisty back roads an option for days when I want to play. It will be
    LPG'd whatever I get with a decent quality kit(Prins) by a bloke who
    knows what he's doing. I need room for me, SWMBO, toddler and a baby
    seat. It needs to tow a minimum of 1500kgs occasionally. I like toys,
    leather etc but also enjoy blasting through B roads when the mood takes
    me. Mileage doesn't scare me as long as its got decent SH. I'm looking to
    buy anytime in the next 6 months with no reason to rush. Budget is up to
    6K without conversion.

    My time spent trawling Pistonheads etc has revealed the following options

    Alpina B10 4.6 V8 -

    pros - good spec, rare, 'interesting'

    cons - its a BMW - I've never really fancied them but for no rational

    'Old skool M5 series '

    pros - again different, can't really lose a lot of cash no matter what.
    more 'raw' than modern stuff but less capable.

    BMW 8 series

    pros - lovely looking thing. probably the only BMW I'd have ever
    considered untill recently.

    cons - coupe != child seating easily.

    Jag XJR

    pros - its a JAG! I've always wanted one, the epitome of luxo barge,

    cons - its a Jag, I can see British build quality waiting to bite me on
    the arse

    Audi A8 4.2 quattro

    pros - build quality is superb I believe, quattro handling,

    cons - nothing special to look at, totally anonymous on the motorway.

    So, what have I missed, what don't I know, Where should I throw my money?

    entwisi, Jan 2, 2009
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  2. entwisi

    Gyp Guest

    In message <>, entwisi


    Gyp, Jan 2, 2009
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  3. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    But I like something that stands out a degree. you should also consider
    the Alpina then because its even more anonymous for what it is. to 95%
    its a BMW 5 series even when they see it
    entwisi, Jan 2, 2009
  4. entwisi

    SteveH Guest

    However, that's absolutely lovely and at a disposable price.

    Has to be worth a punt, surely?
    SteveH, Jan 2, 2009
  5. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    Oooo, now I short listed that one..............
    entwisi, Jan 2, 2009
  6. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    entwisi, Jan 2, 2009
  7. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    entwisi, Jan 2, 2009
  8. entwisi

    JB Guest

    It's an Alpina. You won't lose money. You may lose your licenceand/or
    underpants as they really do accelerate rather well. Sacriledge fitting a
    towbar thought I would think, but certainly doable.
    Avoid. E28 and not even a proper M car.
    gorgeous motors, but even I wouldn't fancy the maintenance bills. The
    exhaust alone is >£1400! Towing with those auto/tip boxes is a surefire way
    of putting yourself in the poorhouse. Trust me on this.
    Much bigger inside than it looks.
    Great cars if it's the 6cyl blown lump.
    + *massive* bills if anything major goes wrong. ask Timo or simply look
    under the bonnet and ask yourself "now how exactly _do_ you get to the
    waterpump/timing belts/alternator...etc"
    E34 touring V8 4.4L with M62 engine. Bombproof, cheap and easy maintenence,
    loads of room, and will tow boats/trailers all day long. Also very wasy to
    fit LPG to.

    Need an 'independant' set of eyes cast over any potential purchases in the
    SW, let me know.


    JB, Jan 2, 2009
  9. entwisi

    JB Guest

    That beastie however is a very, very rare find if it all stacks up to the
    description. Anorak owned and standard spec. *lovely*.
    If you are after an honest M5, and the best is undoubtedly the E34, then
    this is it.

    JB, Jan 2, 2009
  10. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    I'm in NW (unfortunately) or I would have done, (unless of course teh
    car I choose is in sw in which case I'd throw you a few quid to look at
    one if thats OK?

    entwisi, Jan 2, 2009
  11. entwisi

    JB Guest

    Very late E34s (especially Tourers) also had them. Only sure way of
    positively avoding the nikasil grief of the M60/M52 etc...

    JB, Jan 2, 2009
  12. entwisi

    JB Guest

    Be glad to help (as long as it's a BMW).
    You may alos want to consider an E38 740i or iL. Cheap as chips now and
    again the later ones have the choice 4.4L M62 lump. Bear had one. Ask him
    what he thought.
    JB, Jan 2, 2009
  13. entwisi

    JB Guest

    This US link describes it pretty well.
    The bottom line is that if it's got >100k miles on it, still ticks over
    evenly, and uses no appreciable oil between services, then you're usually
    My own E36 323i Touring Sport is a 1999 model and missed the <98 M52 nikasil
    fiasco as it has the later alusil block . I did *much* research to find this
    particular car.

    JB, Jan 2, 2009
  14. entwisi

    Rich Mattock Guest

    PRINS............... SPIT

    Get a Tartarini system it makes the prins system look like it came out of
    the ark.

    We fit 8 - 10 systems a week its big business over here.

    Rich Mattock, Jan 3, 2009
  15. entwisi

    Catman Guest

    Dunno what I had fitted to the V6 just before Christmas, but it stopped
    working all together yesterday. Was filled with gas, engine comes up to
    temp, system bleeps to tell me it's going LPG, and then no power at all.
    Engine just stops.

    Any ideas (obviously it will be going back to the installers)?

    Catman MIB#14 SKoGA#6 TEAR#4 BOTAFOF#38 Apostle#21 COSOC#3
    Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (Remove rust to reply)
    116 Giulietta 3.0l Sprint 1.7 145 2.0 Cloverleaf 156 V6 2.5 S2
    Triumph Sprint ST 1050: It's blue, see.
    Catman, Jan 3, 2009
  16. Coo, hello Rich!
    The Older Gentleman, Jan 3, 2009
  17. entwisi

    Rich Mattock Guest

    Problem one...............Its an Alfa.

    As for the rest without knowing which system it is it could be anything from
    a converter frezing to pressures being set wrong.
    Sorry cant help much from here.

    Rich Mattock, Jan 3, 2009
  18. entwisi

    Rich Mattock Guest

    Where there are more dual fuel cars than anything else and petrol is 40p a
    litre and gas is less than 20p

    Rich Mattock, Jan 3, 2009
  19. entwisi

    Rich Mattock Guest

    How you doin mate.

    There are some very nice clean skin reds over here if you ever fancy a cheep

    Rich Mattock, Jan 3, 2009
  20. entwisi

    entwisi Guest

    Had one for my first kit thanks, not as good as the Prins IMHO, The
    Tartarini lost ~20% of economy, the Prins is negligible. This will be my
    4th conversion and I've covered ~ 200K miles on it so I do have a bit of
    a clue on it

    Having said that, I'm sure you agree its more important to have someone
    who knows what they are doing as there are a number of cowboys out there.
    My bloke has been doing them for > 10 years now, has fitted OMVL, Bi-Gas,
    Prins, Tartarini in his time and settled on the Prins as the most
    consistent quality. This last car has needed nothing in all the time and
    miles its done so I'm a happy bunny with both the kit and the fitter.
    entwisi, Jan 3, 2009
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