Do I own a 1978 or 1980 Z1-R?

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by CH, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. CH

    CH Guest

    The Frame number of mine is KZT00D-0166XX and Engine number
    KZT00DE-0166XX but 1979 models numbers start at KZT00D-017501.

    Quick Facts: Do I own a 1978 or 1980 Z1-R?

    - Frame # by Kawasaki's #'s indicate a 1978
    - Engine # by Kawasaki's #'s indicate a 1978
    - White label next to Frame # on stearing head colume indicate's a
    1980 (11/79) but same white label also has the same # as the
    Frame that match perfectly. This shows the label was not taken off
    another bike or the frame # would not match. Label looks original
    and aged as bike is.
    - Bike is physically a 1978 model with no 1980 changed features
    and NO Mk II 94 hp engine. (Bike engine also matches frame #'s)
    - Bike has been checked and found not to be stolen (also I'm told
    people hiding identies of bikes alter the serial numbers not the
    date of manufacturing). Unlike a car, the serial # of a bike is
    stamped in the steel of the frame (very hard to change unless you
    change the frame and then the engine numbers don't match).
    - Bike is a North American Model.


    Who puts on the white label with date of manufacturing (Japan or
    country importing bikes)? Is this done at the factory or later when
    bike is approved for that country?

    I've contact Kawasaki about it. They don't know what to think of it
    either. It's not a D2 (1979) or D3 (1980) model because it don't have a
    Mark II

    engine, 19 inch front wheel or any changes that was added to the 1979
    or 1980 models. Yes, I know people can change frames, engines, etc
    but the #'s all add up to make this a 1978 model except the date of

    The Frame and Engine #'s put it as a 1978, the frame # matches the
    engine # so the frame was not changed and the label with the date of
    manufacturing of 11/79 which is November 1979 (I said September 1979
    earlier but I
    was wrong) also has the number of the frame that matches this frame.

    I've checked with other people to see if the label was tampered
    with or the bike stolen and everthing checks out fine except the
    Date for the bike don't seem to match. What else could be going
    on here?

    I would like to know from other owners of the 1978 Z1-R what
    date of manufacturing they have on the frames. Do you know
    of anyone you could check and reply for them?

    Kawasaki did confirm the frame/engine #'s on several internet
    sites as correct but also stated that there seems to be a high # of
    1978 models made and only 300 or less for 1979 models made. It looks
    odd to them. They did guess that the 1978 model may have been made
    up to 11/79 and the 300 bikes for the 1979 model could have been made
    in a month or two but they really don't know and the bike is old so
    they don't have much info on them now. I doubt this is the answer but
    really don't know what is the answer?

    Who would be a real expert to talk to on the 1978 to 1980 Z1-R bikes.

    What about an english contact from Kawasaki Japan? It looks exactly
    like a 1978, it has engine/frame numbers that match it as a 1978 but
    it has a date of manufacturing of a 1980 (date of manufacturing label
    has same number that matches frame).

    Here are some questions that may clearup the confusion:

    1.) What was the first month/year the 1978 models were made?
    What was the last month/year the 1978 models were made?
    Exactly How many 1978 models were made?

    2.) What was the first month/year the 1979 models were made?
    What was the last month/year the 1979 models were made?
    Exactly How many 1979 models were made?

    3.) What was the first month/year the 1980 models were made?
    What was the last month/year the 1980 models were made?
    Exactly How many 1980 models were made?

    4.) Does the serial # include the month/year it was made?

    Any Kawasaki Z1-R owner data bases/registries on the Web
    with serial # and date of manufacturing?

    This is a real mystery here.

    If I go only by the date of manufacturing it's a 1980 but I know
    that's wrong in someway but how, should it read 11/77 instead of 11/79?
    Would a 1978 model be made from 10/77 to 10/78 for example
    or does the dates change from year to year so some models are
    made from 10/77 to 11/79 but the next year may be from 11/79 to
    12/79, and the next 01/80 to 09/80, etc? Fixed or floating dates.

    Is the information incorrect about when the Z1-R changed to the Mk II
    engine and 19 inch front wheel, etc. so all 1979 and early 1980 models
    were made like the 1978 model but sometime in 1980 they upgraded it.
    No one seems to know much about the 1979 model of less than 300 made.
    What country(s) sold them? Would Kawasaki make less than 300 models
    on a production run of a bike unless it's a special edition model? The
    problem may be incorrect serial # info from Kawasaki and that the Mark
    II was
    never made until after 11/79. Bikes made upto 11/79 was in the original
    model, then they changed over to the NEW Mk II model.

    That could make more sense. It's a debate I'd like to find the answer
    to. Could Japan be the only source that would have the answer?
    CH, Jun 24, 2004
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  2. Z-owners club is probably your best chance. With a US bike, its unlikely
    that anything would be common knowledge in OZ. Did Kawasaki produce the
    bikes in the US or in Japan?

    "The highest form of life in the universe is Man and the lowest is a
    man who works for the post office." - Holly
    Alan Pennykid, Jun 25, 2004
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  3. CH

    Nev.. Guest


    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Jun 25, 2004
  4. CH

    CH Guest

    I'm not sure what you mean. I'm only looking for any ideas
    why this is and list some responces from people. I'm looking
    for answers but not sure what you think about the date not
    matching the serial numbers from the info I have.

    How can I contact Kawasaki Japan for more details?

    The bike was manufactured in Japan not USA and label was applied
    at that plant from what I know at this point.
    CH, Jun 28, 2004
  5. CH

    John Littler Guest

    Nev's a fuckwit* CH, don't worry about it.

    Unless one of the older guys or the Clemopaedia can help I suggest you
    get thee to a Z owners club, there's definitely one in Sydney and I'll
    be staggered if there aren't heaps more around - check out AMCN for a
    club listing or try google - there's probably a website.

    (not the foggiest clue to your question but trying to be helpful)
    * Geez your a fuckwit Nev
    John Littler, Jun 28, 2004
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