Down The Hole Hammer Drilling Tools--DTH hammer and bit, drag bit, rock drills, drill rod

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by drills, Sep 1, 2006.

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    We, DVY INTERNATIONAL,(E-mail: ,
    MSN:, website: one
    supplier, specializing in exporting those rock drilling equipments, as
    --DTH (down the hole) hammers and bits & ODEX, pilot bit, guide
    sleeves, guide device;
    --Diamond core drilling tools (NQ, BQ, HQ, PQ): diamond core bits,
    reaming shells/reamer, reaming tools, core barrel, casing shoe;
    --Top hammer drilling equipment: button bit, chisel bit, cross bit,
    tapered bit, thread bit, integral drill rod, tapered rod, striking bar,
    shank adapters, extension rod, drifter rod, paving rod, pick rod,
    coupling sleeves, M/F speed rod, roller bit, rock bit, quarrying, and
    mining equipments, hollow drill steel;
    --Rock anchor drilling tools: anchor rods, anchor bits, friction bolts;
    Furnace tapping tools: furnace rods, furnace bits;
    --Rock drills: air-leg (jack-leg) rock drill, pneumatic rock drills,
    hand-held rock drill, internal combustion rock drill, motor-driven rock
    drill, open cast, open pit, surface and underground mining/quarrying,
    pick hammer tools, tunnelling equipment ;
    --Drag bits: 3-wings, 4-wings, step type and V-type;
    --Mine lamp (helmet lamps).
    drills, Sep 1, 2006
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