Driving test

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by fragmented, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. fragmented

    fragmented Guest

    fragmented, Dec 9, 2008
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  2. fragmented

    SteveH Guest

    SteveH, Dec 9, 2008
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  3. fragmented

    ogden Guest

    ogden, Dec 9, 2008
  4. fragmented

    Lozzo Guest

    Just done the car test one:

    Congratulations you have passed

    Pass Mark: 43

    You scored 48 out of a possible 50 (attempted 50).

    And the Bike one

    Congratulations you have passed
    Pass Mark: 43
    You scored 48 out of a possible 50 (attempted 50).

    I'm not that bad then. I couldn't remember the colours of motorway
    Lozzo, Dec 9, 2008
  5. fragmented

    Eiron Guest

    48/50 and there wasn't a question about studs.
    I think it gives a different set of questions each time you view the page.
    There were no theory tests when I passed my test in 1974.
    Just a few questions about the Highway Code at the end.
    Eiron, Dec 9, 2008
  6. fragmented

    fragmented Guest

    'Lozzo' wrote...>
    Pah, that was on Top Gear last week!
    fragmented, Dec 9, 2008
  7. fragmented

    Champ Guest

    81 (7th Feb, 1981, to be precise) for the bike, sometime around 85~86
    the car

    God no

    46 out of 50 for the car one (a couple of silly errors, and one thing
    I'd no idea on [how long is a theory pass valid for]), 49 out of 50
    for the bike.
    Champ, Dec 9, 2008
  8. fragmented

    Champ Guest

    If it doesn't, it's bugger all use
    Champ, Dec 9, 2008
  9. fragmented

    wessie Guest

    46 for me too. Would've been 47 if I'd read the instructions properly and
    given 2 answers for the trailer question
    wessie, Dec 9, 2008
  10. fragmented

    Beav Guest

    I took mine at 9:00am on the 13th October 1965. I passed at 9:30am.
    I did this from a CD last year when a pal was going in for his test on a
    bike. 100% was an absolute piece of piss. I can't believe that it's THIS
    easy in fact.--

    VN 750
    Zed 1000
    OMF# 19
    Beav, Dec 9, 2008
  11. fragmented

    platypus Guest

    From the LGV theory test:

    "You are overtaking a motorcyclist. What should you do?"

    platypus, Dec 9, 2008
  12. fragmented

    ginge Guest

    At least a ton.
    ginge, Dec 10, 2008
  13. fragmented

    Eddie Guest

    Comic Sans Serif: now *there's* an indication of credibility.

    I passed with room to spare, but:

    I noticed one question that (IIRC) is not valid in this country
    (although I got the answer right).

    One of my errors has never been, and never will be, applicable to me, so

    One of my errors was (IMHO) a valid answer, and I think more likely to
    be correct than their answer.
    Eddie, Dec 10, 2008
  14. fragmented

    Lozzo Guest

    Operating temperature varies depending on road surface, ambient
    temperature and style of riding. Cold is a more stable state for the
    tyres to be in when checking them - the ambient temperature difference
    between a hot day and a cold day won't make much difference to a tyre's
    pressure in the same way that getting it hot on the road will.

    There's too many variables involved in checking hot temperatures.
    Lozzo, Dec 10, 2008
  15. fragmented

    Tosspot Guest

    45 dropped 3 for not reading the question, i.e. answered one option
    when more than one was required.

    But I didn't know that you should indicate at the 300 yd marker, even
    though I do(!) and humps/uneven road. Thinking about it uneven road
    is two humps?
    Tosspot, Dec 10, 2008
  16. fragmented

    Adrian Guest

    Yup. I had the same question twice...

    (47 - stopping distance, driving along with hazards on and brakes pulling)
    Adrian, Dec 10, 2008
  17. fragmented

    Cane Guest

    12) If you see a person waiting at a zebra crossing who has a white
    stick with red bands, they are likely to be: -
    A - Blind
    B - Deaf and without Speech
    C - Blind and deaf
    D - A Manchester united supporter

    Cane, Dec 10, 2008
  18. fragmented

    Cane Guest

    Cane, Dec 10, 2008
  19. fragmented

    Catman Guest


    10) What does these 2 lines painted on the kerb mean?


    Catman MIB#14 SKoGA#6 TEAR#4 BOTAFOF#38 Apostle#21 COSOC#3
    Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (Remove rust to reply)
    116 Giulietta 3.0l Sprint 1.7 145 2.0 Cloverleaf 156 V6 2.5 S2
    Triumph Sprint ST 1050: It's blue, see.
    Catman, Dec 10, 2008
  20. fragmented

    Ben Guest

    Ben, Dec 10, 2008
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