Driving with your eyes closed??

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by MrBonk, May 24, 2005.

  1. MrBonk

    MrBonk Guest

    2 close calls in 2 days......maybe I should be taking that as a sign to stop
    riding to work!

    I nearly got hit from behind by a 4wd yesterday on the highway (had to
    virtually stop to wait for a car turning right across oncoming traffic).
    Obviously didn't notice me AND the 3 cars in front of me almost completely
    stopped in his lane.....on a perfectly straight stretch of road and in broad
    daylight no less. He realised at the last minute, slammed the brakes on and
    swerved to one side to miss us. I had nowhere to go and only really enough
    time to think "****....not again!" (I've been hit from behind before) and it
    was all over. Phew....no impact, but damn it was close!

    Today wasn't so much a near miss for me as it was for the car ahead of me.
    Same deal.....tooling down the highway and I see there's a farm truck up
    ahead that's slowing down to turn off the highway. I slow down but the
    people mover full of kids in front of me and almost everyone else between
    them and the farm truck just keeps on going. Suddenly everyone's on the
    brakes big time. Guys in the people mover were the last to notice, so
    they've done the big swerve to the left, locked the brakes at the same time
    and came within a gnat's whisker of sliding straight into the left rear
    corner of the ute ahead of them (which was also attempting to take evasive

    I honestly don't know what's so hard about paying attention while you're
    driving. I also have no idea how you could not see a vehicle stopped, in
    the lane you're driving in, until it's almost too late to stop. I'm now
    even more convinced that there are people out there who drive with their
    eyes shut.....

    MrBonk, May 24, 2005
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