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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Jam Daddy, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Jam Daddy

    Jam Daddy Guest


    awright, so iv'e had me cruiser nearly
    4 months. 12k service due as well, so
    it ain't no w/e toy bs.

    It's a workin' bike.

    It's me primary vehicle. i have no car
    (but i did get $141 at the cheque cash
    joint for me ol' shitbox (got $160 from
    the wrecker)). 20 bucks better than
    expected so.. sweet!

    yup, she's a workin' bike, crankin' out
    133k's, 5 days a week, return. That'd
    be 665k's every workin' week, in loose
    figures (an' yeah I am a fat boy (real life),
    an' that's just work figures. Add another
    100k for me general day-2-day crap.

    So hey..

    is there a hard an' fast rule re tyre tread,
    and at how many k's one should swap out

    Or.. is that little bit o' drift on the back
    tyre, on a corner, a subtle hint, to take a
    closer look?

    Still feels ok, by an' large, but i know a
    swapout is pending.

    Really is just a question of is there a
    -recommended benchmark-, given what
    I've outlined.




    ps- Sorry for bein' dumb
    Jam Daddy, Aug 8, 2006
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  2. Jam Daddy

    Nev.. Guest

    what was the question ?

    '04 CBR1100XX
    Nev.., Aug 8, 2006
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  3. Jam Daddy

    Jam Daddy Guest

    'sup lad? too many big words? or is
    the fact i can put a sentence together,
    that's trippin' ya up?

    Jam Daddy, Aug 8, 2006
  4. Jam Daddy

    krazykol Guest

    Typo corrected.

    ZZR 600
    krazykol, Aug 8, 2006
  5. Depends a little on some variables we don't know. Cruiser weight, tyre
    brand. We assume you like lots of hard acceleration, which chews tyres.

    Data point: my cruiser gets 15,000 km out of a front tyre and 20,000 km
    out of a big fat back tyre (170 mm). I use Metzler lasers on the front
    and Metzler marathons on the back.

    Harleys don't like Metzlers, I'm told.
    Stephen Calder, Aug 8, 2006
  6. Jam Daddy

    rockit Guest

    spam?? dummo? regardless. it's all about initiation, modesty is a virtue -
    welcome to the club
    rockit, Aug 9, 2006
  7. Jam Daddy

    JL Guest

    12K from a rear is good for a sports bike, probably a bit ordinary for a
    cruiser I'd have thought.

    You should theoretically replace your tyres when the wear bars show that
    your tread is below the minimum depth. Of course many people don't and
    ride it till it's bald.
    JL, Aug 9, 2006
  8. Jam Daddy

    Knobdoodle Guest

    Jeeze the faux-humility lasted a real long time Jam! (and the "i can put a
    sentence together" statement would probably have more weight if you knew
    where the shift-key was!)
    I must admit; I was confused trying to figure out what the question was too
    but if you're doing 3000km per month your tyres aren't getting old so
    there's no reason to replace them before they hit the wear-markers.
    If there's less than 2mm grooves replace them; if not wait until next week!
    Knobdoodle, Aug 9, 2006
  9. Jam Daddy

    Knobdoodle Guest

    But we'll happily sup with people who say torque.
    Knobdoodle, Aug 9, 2006
  10. Jam Daddy

    bikerbetty Guest

    <super applause> Geez Clem, how do you do it?

    betty, awed
    bikerbetty, Aug 9, 2006
  11. The variables will determine how long a tyre will last, but the short
    answer is to replace the tyre when the wear limit indicator is reached.
    You can't go far wrong with that rule-of-thumb (and rule of law,

    PeterC [aka MildThing]
    Before an accident, most city drivers say "****!", whereas most country drivers
    say "Hang on to this stubby, mate, while I show you some awesome driving"
    '81 Yamaha Virago (XV) 750H (work in progress)
    '01 Yamaha FJR1300

    # 37181
    Peter Cremasco, Aug 18, 2006
  12. Jam Daddy

    J5 Guest

    the law is 1.5mm tread depth and the tread wear indicator isnt used in the
    although some might do i suspect cue GS with tread depth story LOL

    the tread depth indicator is a visual for the user to determine funnily
    enough the tread wear
    and when a tyre could req replacement

    tread wear inditcators vary in size etc and are determined by the tyre
    manufacturer rather than
    a set standard

    i found the above out from the RTA after dealing with dickheads that issue
    Blue Slip RWC
    and they reckoned that they had to have 1.5mm above the TWI

    the primary reason for replacement as tyres have a hard time removing water
    without grooves

    J5, Aug 19, 2006
  13. Jam Daddy

    sharkey Guest

    4 months * 665 k per week commuting = about 11500 km.
    So it really isn't a weekend toy, is it?
    Prim'ry vee-kle.

    Change the tyres before the belts start to show.

    sharkey, Aug 21, 2006
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